Six years ago, the brothers Dawaele and their band Soulwax changed our lives forever. Sporadic appearances since then as 2ManyDJs had us chasing proverbial dragons (Coachella 2016 was so right). Fast track to last year and the release of From Dewee and the magic was still going strong. Still, a live appearance in the coast cities was nowhere to be seen.


Then this video came out. Then the Coachella 2018 lineup came out. Then the Localchella 2018 (nka. Goldenvoice Presents April) lineup came out.


Long story short, whether you’re at Coachella, Localchella, or both, Transient Program for Drums and Machinery is an experience you’d be remiss to miss. Catch up with us at the Fonda on 4|19.






Nestled on the breathtaking waterfront Downtown San Diego, the bi-annual CRSSD festival really takes the cake for us for unique and fun Southern California festivals. This March CRSSD will again deliver a refreshing and exciting line-up filled with great acts from all over the house, techno, indie, realms.


The thing that makes CRSSD so special is the fact that it combines some of the best acts in electronic music with a scene that’s a far from the candy kid rave circuit. Combine that with a great selection of gourmet food and craft beers all under the beautiful Spring San Diego climate and you’ve got one of the best weekends you’re going to have in a very long time. The venue itself boasts 3 separate stages, huge fountains for cooling off, and a grassy landscape comfortable enough to picnic on. If you’re in the area it would not be wise to miss this incredible weekend and did we mention the festival is 21+ so get ready to roam around with your cocktails freely from dancefloor to dancefloor.


This Spring’s line-up includes:


Empire of the Sun, Cirez D, Sasha, Gorgon City (LIVE), Bonobo (LIVE), Jai Wolf, Shiba San, Anna Lunoe, Nicole Moudaber, Tchami (LIVE), Little Dragon, Lee Burridge, MK, Alan Fitzpatrick, Amelie Lens, Boys Don’t Disco, Camelphat, Charlotte de Witte, Cristoph, DJDS, Eli Brown, Henry Saiz & Band, JP Soul, Kartell, Kyle Watson, Mark Knight, Max Chapman, Medasin, Molly, NoMBe, Nora En Pure, Patrice Baumel, Rodriguez Jr. (LIVE), Sébastien V, SNBRN, The Presets, Walker & Royce, Wax Motif


You can buy tickets here!


Romiro Lopez and Coyu – That’s Not Happening (Nicole Moudebar remix)


MK featureing A*M*E – My Luv 4 U


Tiga – Woke


Cirez D – In the Reds

Gramatik ReCoil V2 US poster 0111 haywyre oakland tickets


Tickets / Our Interview


One of the most influential beat makers of our generation is making his way back to the Bay this week. His Beatz & Pieces Vol. 2 album straight up changed the game. That kind of soul, funk, and energy was in a realm of its own then and even still today. It’s a go-to album of mine whenever I’m traveling, because anyone, no matter where you’re from, what you do, or what you like, you can vibe with it. It just feels right, man.


He’s been criticized by some of his fans for veering too far away from what he started, but I honestly can’t blame him for wanting to explore the possibilities out there. Who wants to be pigeon holed? I sure as hell don’t. And hey, it brought him to his new RE:COIL EP, which is also the name of the tour. The “old” Gramatik is still very much there, it’s just evolved, and we’re going to see it live on Thursday! Check out the EP below.








Over the years few producers have had the same appeal as Charlie Yin a.k.a. Giraffage. His productions have found the middle ground between the derivative mainstream zeitgeist and fringe-like irrelevance. In the past I have always characterized a Giraffage performance as a bit cheeky. His sets often injected a sense of humor by including songs like “Who Let the Dogs Out” and even a remix of the original iPhone ringtone. Whenever an electronic artist performs a “live” set I always have high expectations. It was abundantly clear that Giraffage bodied his “live” show. His stage set-up included not only a 7-foot high LED wall for visual projections but he surrounded himself with circular neon rings almost to create a spherical lens effect around him akin to a James Bond opening sequence. Overall, the presentation was pristine and immersive. Each of the LED visuals seamlessly reflected the essence of the song selection. There were animals and 8-bit video game characters for his lighter tracks and skulls and flames when the music took a darker turn. Nothing seemed predictable or redundant. The venue (The Fonda Theater) added some great texture to the evening as each bass drop was accompanied by on-beat floor rumbles and the finely tuned acoustics left nothing more to be desired of the intimate atmosphere.


The set started out slow and built nicely throughout his almost hour and twenty minute run-time. The kawaii vibes were ratcheted up to 100 as the anime-esque visuals blended perfectly with each hi-hat and cord progression as each note felt very in place. A major high point of the night was when Giraffage dropped “Be With You”. The set seemed to have a very strong love-song driven narrative to it and “Be With You” was the characterizing crescendo among the already stellar track selection he employed. All in all the show was the perfect ending point for the Too Real tour. The crowd was electrified and left wanting more. That performance won’t soon be forgotten and we can’t wait to see what tricks Charlie has up his sleeve in the near future.








The Bay Area has seen their fair share of artists rise to the ranks of international acclaim. Few have seemed so effortless in their approach and style as Giraffage. He’s unmistakably himself. He always has been. And he just continues to get better. The recent run of the Tour Real tour confirms what genius he can put together when his vision is able to flourish.


The first time I saw Giraffage was at SXSW in 2013. I had never seen him, nor had I even listened to his music; I was awe-struck. It was the first time I had seen electronic music fused with the vibes of hip-hop and 90s R&B in such a way. One of the many aspects of Giraffage that makes his sets unique is that he always incorporated live aspects using various controllers and drum pads. He used to defend himself for being accused of simply being a DJ, when there’s much more to his talent than that. I could see how they could be confused as DJ sets, because of how smoothly he was able to mix all of his songs and live remixes together. That’s just a perfect example of an artist dialed into his craft.


The ‘Too Real’ Tour happened to be the pinnacle of his prior years of playing shows around the world and the release of his third album of the same title. From some controllers and a laptop, to the aforementioned and an LED wall, to the aforementioned and a giant light portal! His visuals are best described for me as kooky; and I mean that in the best way possible. They’re all over the place: Kittens. Puppies. Chains. Fires. Bubbles. Naked unisex people. They’re always entertaining. They’re always unmistakably Giraffage, and that’s why we love him so much.



Clement Chabernaud @ FM agency by young fashionphotographer Björn Jonas


As you may have probably heard from a little birdie. WE FUCKING LOVE BOYS NOIZE. He’s really one of the only massive DJs to came out of the blog house movement, survive, and never sell out. Part acid, part techno, all aggression, Boys Noize has a knack for mining the crates for a litany of tracks you won’t hear anywhere else. Christmas is coming early this year because Acid Claus himself will be taking over Halcyon SF on December 15th. Get ready for a night of pure treble, bass, and debauchery.


Halcyon is one of our favorite clubs in all of the up and coming San Francisco club scene and it’s only right that the commander of the Tekno Noize Posse gets to put their impeccable sound system to good use. Come get weird with us as we surf some acid waves.







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Cue the fog machines, light up the mirror ball, and slide into the funky, vaporwave world of Honeycraft. In that order! Catherine Rose has been dreaming up a new world behind the scenes, and she’s finally welcoming us in with the debut of Shelter. At the hand of producer Thom Monahan, she ties a comparison to the warm, cosmic synths of AIR and the retro, pop-doused vocals of ABBA. A fair, accurate comparison, I’ll add.


The song’s intro sprinkles you into a bassline that immediately catches flow within a warm ocean of “oohs” and “woohs.” Rose said those vocals were used off the original demo that she recorded raw into her Macbook in order keep that vintage feel.


Shelter is the first of many for Honeycraft. We’re very much looking forward to being whisked away into the soft hue of her new world. Check the song after the jump and be sure to return her warm welcome with a welcome of your own on her socials channels below!