2013 Summer Fests #1 – Lightning In A Bottle

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Lightning In A Bottle returns to southern California after a 10 year roller coaster ride of a life. What started as a private party continued to grow, move, shape, and form to the festival it is today. Accumulating some of music’s most out-of-worldly artists and combining them with a unique experience, which is where most of the focus lies. Some may recall The Do Lab at Coachella, which prides itself on the unmatchable vibes of freedom and solace from the festival around it. It’s all about what you get and how you grow from Lightning In A Bottle.

Four locations later, L.I.B. has found what they claim to be the long-time new home of the festival at Lake Skinner in Temecula, CA. Most people were outraged at the move, but I can’t imagine that lasted after seeing pictures of this place. I mean, C’MON! Look at it! It’s glorious! I just want to go camping there. This new compact location brings the venue together in a much more efficient and not to mention beautiful way! Looking forward to finally seeing what this festival has to give, now that it’s reached the pinnacle of its seemingly long lasting career.

Rusko – Mek More Green

Giraffage – Close 2 Me

Tycho – Epigram

Kill Paris – Slap Me (Griz Remix)