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Danny Brown came barreling at us with his third LP, OLD, which dropped last Tuesday. The now semi-infamous Detroit MC shows his versatility on the two “sided” album. Danny’s one of those incredibly divisive rappers; not only for his imagery and lyrics but for his voice. If you’re here expecting him to sound different vocally than on any of his other releases, I’ll save you some time here. Side A has Danny rapping about his former life of dealing drugs and struggling to survive in one of America’s most dangerous cities. It also garners some slightly more traditional hip hop beats.

Collaborators on this side include Freddie Gibbs, Schoolboy Q, and a standout track with Purity Ring that truly features both artists at their best while complimenting each other perfectly. The follow up side opens with the aptly named ‘Side B (Dope Song)’, one of the three tracks produced by Rustie on the record. Side B is a straight party album with some seriously club ready bangers. Fool’s Gold head honcho A-Trak also produced a song for his signee, ‘Smokin & Drinkin’ that is sure to please fans of both. A$AP Rocky and Ab-Soul make appearances on ‘Kush Coma’ and ‘Way Up Here’, respectively. All in all OLD is a testament to how well Danny handles the most eclectic array of beats I’ve heard on an album. Lyrically and creatively OLD has managed to become one of the best hip hop albums of the year.

Danny Brown (Feat. Purity Ring) – 25 Bucks

Danny Brown – Side B [Dope Song]

Danny Brown (Feat. A$AP Rocky) – Kush Coma