[Album Blurb] Haim – Days Are Gone

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Ever since Haim dropped their debut EP Forever early in 2012, their buzz has been real. Since then, the hype for the three San Fernando Valley sisters has increased exponentially. I can gladly say they exceeded all expectations with the release of their LP aptly titled Days Are Gone. The trio’s first full length album is a diverse concoction of influences. From indie, soft rock, and pop to RnB and punk, the girls manage to create their own unique sound.

The first three tracks off the album will be familiar to anyone who has gotten to know the band over the years, but that certainly isn’t a bad thing. Standout tracks on the album include ‘The Wire,’ a stadium ready rock song, ‘Days Are Gone’ a modern take on indie disco, the riff heavy ‘My Song 5’, and the RnB influenced ‘Let Me Go’. Overall, the sisters have really outdone themselves with this release. I was lucky enough to catch them live at Treasure Island Festival last week, and wow…they are truly something to witness live. Their energy and stage presence is something you need to be a part of first hand. Haim has nowhere to go but up, and I plan on seeing them topping festivals as a regular in the future.


1. Falling
2. Forever
3. The Wire
4. If I Could Change Your Mind
5. Honey & I
6. Don’t Save Me
7. Days Are Gone
8. My Song 5
9. Go Slow
10. Let Me Go
11. Running If You Call My Name