[Album Blurb] “Static” by Cults

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There are few bands as aptly named as Cults. With a completely unique sound–which to be frank, only they could ever pull off–the Manhattan duo and their 2011 self-titled debut took the indie scene by storm. Their sound is difficult to define, and their influence not easy to pinpoint. There’s a frosty sweetness to the girl-pop of bygone days, mixed with a haunting distortion, akin to the washed out static of an old television set. Their music has a way of transporting you to a place vaguely familiar, yet unrecognizable. Two years since the release of their fuzzy, yet pleasantly optimistic debut, the two-piece is back, this time with a noteworthy edge of bitterness.

The second album, while well-polished and beautifully composed seems slightly jaded and almost sexually frustrated, with lyrics such as “I wonder how you sleep at night” and “I can hardly make you mine.” The idealized romance might be gone in their sophomore album but they have certainly maintained their Cultsy charm. The album is pulsing and charged and electric and lo-fi and…well, static. While the album is undeniably full of post-breakup regret, it is also undeniably wonderful.

Cults – I Can Hardly Make You Mine

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