[ALBUM REVIEW] Foster the People + Supermodel

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Foster the People’s sophomore release just hit the market. 3 years in the making, Supermodel could have taken the radio-pop ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ route or a more ‘I Would Do Anything for You’ approach. We were both surprised and pleased the trio chose to move towards the latter. Don’t get us wrong, we love the catchy tracks of Torches (‘Best Friend’ will satisfy that), but Supermodel‘s gritty and introspective direction just seemed like a more appropriate path after all this time. See it as a ‘Coming of Age’ if you will.

This album takes on a cohesiveness that requires it to be listened to in full. Cherry-picking tracks doesn’t do it justice or convey the right effect. With its self-reflective start off, Supermodel locks you in by the time you reach ‘Pseudologia Fantastica’. It resurges with the poppy climax of ‘Best Friend’. By ‘Fire Escape’, Mark Foster is all burned out – the respite is welcome (to pre-orders) before the psychedelic trip of ‘Tabloid Super Junkie’. All in all, it looks like we’ll be setting the schedule to enjoy some Foster the People come Coachella Saturday (26/33 days left!).


1. Foster the People – Are You What You Want to Be?
2. Foster the People – Ask Yourself
3. Foster the People – Coming of Age
4. Foster the People – Nevermind

5. Foster the People – Pseudologia Fantastica
6. Foster the People – The Angelic Welcome of Mr. Jones

7. Foster the People – Best Friend
8. Foster the People – A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon
9. Foster the People – Goats in Trees
10. Foster the People – The Truth
11. Foster the People – Fire Escape

(exclusive track) 12. Foster the People – Tabloid Super Junkie

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