Album Review: Kaskade’s “Fire and Ice”

For me, Kaskade has been the great white buffalo. He slipped past my schedule at EDC 2010, and I won’t even mention the Sunset Blvd fail. I finally got to experience him, in all his glory, at the unexpectedly satisfying Identity Festival. Well, this morning I was driving up the gorgeous 101 and blasting Kaskade’s brand spankin’ new album, “Fire & Ice”. Roaring mountains, Scenic beaches and good house music, what more can a man ask for?

He really outdid himself with this one. As his 8th studio album, Kaskade dabbled with the unconventional and broke this EP into two parts. One half, codenamed ICE, is absorbing, artistic and well-produced house. The stuff Kaskade truly enjoys creating.

The other half, titled FIRE, is gorgeous, exciting and most importantly, banging. The stuff we love to dance to.

A lot of artists these days are making a style of music that they think we want to hear. My hat goes off to you Kaskade; it’s good to know some musicians still stick to their roots. Keep up the amazing work, just no more street parties, please.


1 Eyes (feat. Mindy Gledhill) (right click to download)
2 Turn It Down (with Rebecca & Fiona) (right click to download)
3 Lessons In Love (feat. Neon Trees)
4 Lick It Kaskade & Skrillex
5 Llove (feat. Haley)
6 Let Me Go (feat. Marcus Bently)
7 Waste Love (feat. Quadron)
8 Ice (with Dan Black) (right click to download)
9 How Long (with Late Night Alumni)
10 Room for Happiness (feat. Skylar Grey) (right click to download)
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