[Album Review + Tracklist] Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs | TROUBLE


Now here’s an artist that always gets me the weirdest look when I try to share him with a friend. “‘Totally Dino’ what?” It’s worth spreading, though, to everyone who’s willing to listen. He’s got a style that you won’t find anywhere else; a bass line crafted special for every song. Born Orlando Higginbottom, but otherwise known by his stage name as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (T.E.E.D.) His debut album Trouble is finally out today! Thanks to the music gods I got my hands on an early release and have been waiting to share the review. Check our praise of the album and the tracklist after the jump:

iTunes also made his single ‘Stronger’ the Single of the week!
Download that here if you’re still not convinced to get the whole thing.
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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Household Goods

The fourteen track album takes off with a previously unreleased track titled ‘Promises.’ The powerful bass and tribal synths are guided by Orlando’s voice through a perfectly fitting intro track. Followed closely by two classics from earlier EPs ‘Trouble’ and ‘Household Goods.’ Both defining tracks of Orlando’s sound. The album grabs a hold when it gets to ‘Your Love.’ A more dancehall take, infused with a disco funk twist. Soulful vocals turn this house track into a banger worthy of cosmic attention. Debatably my favorite of them all.
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Trouble

Trouble seemingly starts a new chapter when it reaches ‘Tapes & Money,’ the latest single that has a music video on the way! ‘American Dream Part II’ showcases a combination of more tribal beats and progressive techno. Builds you up until finally you’ve lost yourself in a dancy trance. T.E.E.D. ends his debut with ‘Stronger.’ The closing track starts with a daring a ccapella and drops into a sort of 90s funk. His vocals lead us through the trademark bass lines and playful drum kits that leave it impossible to stand still.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Tapes & Money (Stream Only)

I’m just happy to see all of Orlando’s work to come together so nicely on his first album. In it, you’ll find every little bit of what makes him such a special producer. It’s safe to say that he’ll finally be getting more deserved attention with this release. Hopefully a more intricate live show? It’s already awesome. Below I’ve attached a video shot during the recording of the video for ‘Tapes & Money’ in London. It’s a shame his show in LA at Dim Mak got canceled! But hey, I’m sure he’ll be back soon.


1. Promises
2. Trouble
3. Shimmer
4. Household Goods
5. Your Love
6. You Need Me On My Own
7. Panpipes
8. Garden
9. Solo
10. Tapes & Money
11. American Dream Part II
12. Closer
13. Fair
14. Stronger