[AMBIENT] Album Blurb: Lucian Blomkamp + Post-Nature

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Australia’s LUCIANBLOMKAMP got our attention last year with his self-titled EP. It was eerie & ambient looping that gave us a good preview of his methods. His full-length, Post Nature, came out recently and has most certainly kicked our expectations to the curb. The way the album pulls together seems to be a ‘digital criticism’ of music’s conflicted progression towards an electronic era. This anomaly drives the album and can easily be gathered from the hard electronic pulse, haunting and inquisitive thoughts, random pairings of acoustic blues, and overall ambient expressions. It drags you exploratively inward and then piques the senses just when you think you’ve figured it out.

By ‘Shook’ the album has touched so many bases that there’s no point left in trying. And you shouldn’t. In the end, it is clear that the will of Post-Nature is to make you flirt with all-and-other-worldly examinations through an existential kaleidoscope. LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s debut adds a much needed layer of flow for your stream-of-consciousness.

Lucian Blomkamp – Post-Nature (Album)