Artist Spotlight: Gooffee + New Album + Exclusive Interview

Loving me some Gooffee right now. I was first turned onto them by a track of their’s called “Flow” that was remixed by Torro Torro. Since then, I’ve been too excited about these guys. They’re atitude about their music, the swanky tunes, and the the gooffee-ness. Fortunately enough I got to shoot then a few questions online, and they came back with this lil guy. Enjoy!

Pretty rad guys. They’re new e.p. just came out, and it’s 100% free. Its got some killer moombahton and electro, and a few things I’m having trouble quantifying…’s all worth a dl tho, so hit that download button like there’s no tomorrow.

Towards the end of the interview they talk about this video, best music vid I’ve seen in a long time, honestly.