Artist Spotlight: Style Of Eye

This weekend I got a very special chance to see one of my favorite producers of all time, Style of Eye, come to town and destroy Motiv here in Santa Cruz. He played the main SF weekly at EPR the night before, and went onto Control at Avalon in Hollywood and to Voyeur in San Diego the next two nights, and I was incredibly stoked to not have to make the drive to any of those places, but instead got to see him in front of 200 other like minded nut-jobs and witnessed him bang the fuck out on 3 cdj’s (yes, he made extensive use of all three). It’s no secret that I have a musical boner for this guy, his Wet/Dry e.p. totally brought me back to life and it’s been in my sets for days now, and his track ‘We Are Boys’ has garnered support from some of the biggest dj’s in the world. I love this guy not only because he’s basically Jesus for Tech House (and a super friendly dude, bonus points), but his track output is unlike any other dj anywhere, both in varied styles and overall quantity. Take a look at my past Thursday…

He dropped a track that’s coming out on Crookers’ new album that they collaborated together on, a bit goofy, a bit creepy, all fun :) Here’s a rip from Tiesto’s latest club life where it was featured.

I’m just a damn fan of this guy. The playful style, immaculate production, and the sheer talent he possesses make him one of the best in the biz says I. If you so choose to head over to his beatport your ears will thank you.

Wear good headphones, and support the music!