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Here’s a run down of Night 2. The night I’m most excited for, Halloween, and the night I’d like to put the bus together. If you want to check back up on the Night 1 post…click here.

Sunday, October 31st

Tickets (Currently $65 and rising)

Artist Spotlights


I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: A-Trak is the most talented DJ in the world. He’s the only one that could fill DJ AM‘s (RIP) shoes with Travis Barker, and the only person that can really show the world how delightful electronic/disco can really be (via Duck Sauce). A-Trak is an artist in every meaning of the word. Not only does he bring out the freshest, get-off-your-ass-and-dance, hard hitting tracks, he weaves them together with undeniable, award winning DJ skills by mashing the turn tables live. His impeccable song selection and groovy style are sure to impress. Adjectives and explanatory phrases aside, if you like to move it move it…DO NOT MISS THIS. Here’s a video I got of him at Audiotistic this year:

AC Slater

The more I listen to this guy, the more excited I get to see him. He’s making his way onto my Delightful Choice list for the night, because I feel like he would be nothing less than amazing live…as far as song selection and presentation go. He’s got a lot of his own tracks that are actually really good. His originals and remixes dive deep into the depths of the type of dubstep I love, the electronic I love, and a hybrid of the two. He uses a lot of the dubstep wobbles but adds an extra bass between the beats to make it more electro and danceable for some songs. He’s not as accessible as other artists on the bill for enlightened electronic lovers (EELs), but I definitely would recommend him to anyone who is down with dubstep and hard electro. He’s going to be one of the underdog stars of the night. You can quote me.

Boys Noize

He’s back to Haunted Mansion yet again. Boys Noize is up in the ranks with sebastiAn for being there at my electronic enlightenment stage. I still remember the first time I heard “Lava Lava.” My life was forever changed. I never heard anything like it. He definitely has a very unique sound, and it comes out during his sets. The first time I was fortunate enough to see him was as I was walking away from Justice‘s set, through DJ AM in the warehouse, to the other outside stage for Boys Noize. All of this was at The Shrine, more on that later. HHM 2008 flashback…Anyhow, he was an absolute treat. He messes around with the records and gets really into it. Very fun to watch. Very creative. If you can manage…DO NOT MISS THIS.


Calvin Harris C+A+D Concert Choice!

I had been thinking about how badly I wanted to see this guy the night before I saw the bill at HARD Summer. Needless to say, my prayers were answered, and I don’t think I could be more excited. With albums titled “I Created Disco” and “Ready For the Weekend,” you can pretty much bet that his set is going to be a straight dance party throughout the whole performance. He’s definitely proved himself to be one of the better producers, as far as this disco/electro sub-genre goes, with hits like “Acceptable in the 80s,” “Colours,” “You Used To Hold Me,” the list goes on. I’ve had both of his albums and essential mix (that you can get here) on repeat the past few weeks, and I can’t seem to get enough. Just trying to be ready for the weekend, you feel me. And incase you were wondering: he gets all the girls, he gets all the girls…DO NOT MISS THIS.

There You Have It!

I really hope this makes your decision easier. As you can see, this is probably the most excited I’ve been for an event for awhile…I hope we share at least half of that excitement. The Shrine is my favorite place for these big events. It’s got an outdoor section and an indoor section. It doesn’t even get that hot inside, because it’s just so large. Everywhere is pretty accessible, as the place doesn’t get TOO packed and anywhere you stand will give you an acceptable view of the DJs. Check out Deadmau5‘s video from Haunted Mansion 2008 here. Should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Also, HARD has been known to go all out on the special guests. Last year, the special guests for night two were Deadmau5 and 2 Many DJs. You can bet that made for an absolutely insane night. Something tells me that Justice may be one of the specials. Partially because of the fact that they were there for the first two Haunted Mansions and a lot of the talent from their old label (Ed Banger Records) is going to be there. This also includes the owner of the label, Busy P, who just so happens to manage Justice and Daft Punk. I’m just predicting…the only thing that I am 100% about for the night is that it’s going to be a highlight to my concert-going career. If you have any further questions about the event, feel free to hit me up: