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Valentine’s Day is Saturday! What better way to show your love than a nice day out? Add to that being poolside, in LA, with awesome tunes and you’ve got yourself the makings of Love Tides – our homies at Take 2 Entertainment’s 2015 return to what they do best: throw awesome parties. Skybar Mondrian will be going off and we’ve got some guaranteed entries for you.


Your soundtrack to shmooze to will be provided by Australia’s chilled summer-bass pro Yahtzel. Start the day off early with support from Best Ghost, Brooks & Millar, Sam Hiller, and some very special guests! Believe us when we say you’ll want to get there early. It’s looking to be a packed house and the weather forecast promises sun soaked loving.



Standard procedure. The contest ends at 12PM Friday, February 13th!
1. Tweet: I want 2 tickets from @CtrlAltDelight / @take2entertain for Love Tides Feb14!!
2. Tag two friends in our Facebook post.
3. “Like” this post.


Do 1, 2, or all of the above. As always, the more entries –> the better your chance to win. Be sure to be ready to check your inbox/twitter, because we’ll be giving it to the first person who responds when the contest is over. See you guys there!


Yahtzel – If You Leave


Yahtzel – Slow Motion


Yahtzel – Jungle Feels


Yahtzel – Girls



There’s nothing quite like waking up and seeing a collaboration between two of your most admired producers. I haven’t seen many artists have the same kind of all encompassing reach in the music scene quite like ODESZA has. They’ve gotten props from people all across the board. From Wu Tang Clan to ZHU, so it’s pretty well regarded at this point that these guys are a force to be reckoned with.


This remix shows their slower, more chilled out and groovy side. With Katie Herzig’s vocals slowly building to a fast paced and synth heavy dance sesh that ODESZA is so good at.


RAC – We Belong feat Katie Herzig (ODESZA remix)


ODESZA – Say My Name (RAC Mix)



Ben Gorvine, or Imagined Herbal Flows, is inspired by soulful hip-hop beats. His music emits a sense of calm reflection like a warm sunrise chasing the remnants of a night’s high.


Imagined Herbal Flows – Floating EP


Imagined Herbal Flows – Dream




Moose Records has been fueling many a dream of ours since their inception. Their prized compilations, Moosetapes, have turned us onto so many cool artists who are just doing their thing, most elegantly so. #7 is no less awesome than we expected.


Kick back, relax, and let the chill run through you. Support the art!


Moosetape #7



Finnish producer Tontario caught the world by surprise with his version of the highly remixed ‘A World Alone’ by Lorde. The simplicity turned it into easy-pickin’ mellow mood setter. Between then and now, he’s been busy with similar summery vibes. His more recent tracks see him venturing into more energetic and experimental realms.


Case in point: his remixes of SOHN‘s ‘Bloodflows’ and MNEK‘s ‘The Rhythm’.


Lorde – A World Alone (Tontario Remix)


Topi x Tontario – Backfeed


MO – Give it to Me (Tontario Remix)


SOHN – Bloodflows (Tontario Remix)


MNEK – The Rhythm (Tontario Remix)



As is customary for year’s end, we must reflect back on our experiences. The way everything came together for us this year in regards to music – album releases, shows, festival appearances, CAD4.0! – definitely makes it one of the best years we’ve had. We’ve put together a top 20 list to recognize our very much opinionated favourite releases of 2014. These twenty albums influenced us in some way or other throughout the year by making us dance, think (or not think), and enjoy life; and they deserve a shout out for that. Onward to bigger and better in 2015!