Happy Sunday everyone! Ok so sorry I haven’t had a chance to post anything up here in the past few weeks. Hopefully this post will make up for it. I’m going to start putting together a playlist weekly of a handful of different genres from bands I really like. I’m going to keep it to around 20 songs each time so you can put it on a CD to enjoy on your summer drives. If you don’t know already, YOLO is short hand for You Only Live Once. If i could live my life by any four letters, it’d be these. Life isn’t too short, but too dear to be confined to any one genre of music, or to any one way of life for that matter. There is some good in every genre, even country. Open your minds and your ears and give it a shot. You never know..

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Download Instructions:

Ok, so apparently people have been having trouble downloading the stuff I put up here. It’s not as hard as it seems. Just click on the link that i provide that usually says Click to Download. You will be redirected to Mediafire’s website. Once again, click the link that says Click to Download. It should start downloading. If it doesn’t go straight onto your desktop search for it, because it’s there. Drag and drop into your itunes and you’re all set to go!

Leave your comments on bands or songs you liked specifically if you’d like some more from them.

all these tracks are for promotional purposes only and if you want them removed email contactalijafari@gmail.com