I would have dreams about Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane making music together and those dreams finally came true in the form of S.I.A.S. b-side “Little Illusion Machine” for which Sr.Kane provided the vocals. This is one of two songs that Arctics have released under the moniker “Death Ramps” which is pretty much just the band’s edgier alter-ego. This song is everything you’d have expected from a Miles Kane and Arctic Monkeys colab. It meets somewhere between “Rearrange” and “Don’t Sit Down (Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair)” with elements of “You and I.” It is something beautiful.
P.S. Download “Electricity,” Arctic Monkey’s last song from the Suck It and See era. Ergo, the last song they release before their next album (which is on the way woo-hoo). So much Helders. So much O’Malley. So many good things.

Arctic Monkeys – Electricity