Feed Me having a brand of cigarettes would be pretty fitting. I liken listening to the array of sounds the little fucker puts together to something similar to smoking a cigarette. Gotta inhale deep (pay close attention) to get the full effect of the nicotine (understand the genius). Hits hard in all the key body parts – lungs/nervous system/heart/brain. And first timers would find themselves struggling for breath. He and Gemini produced a winner here. If you were to blend senses, this track is kinda sweet, kinda sour – like auditory watermelon sour patch kids. I don’t really know how to explain that. The ‘drop’ is some rhythmic filth. This is off his new EP, out February 6th. He’s about to head out on tour with his Teeth set which is massive – check out a video of it and the check the tour dates after the jump.

Feed Me & Gemini – Whiskers