Months ago I had posted a album preview that really caught my attention. Drowned in a sea of 1:30 ‘teasers’ of drops of songs, I found myself unable to stop hitting repeat on the six minute minimix. Finally after weeks of waiting (and after bringing him out in person to Santa Cruz, where he KILLED Motiv) we have the Kick The Bass EP.

The album is great, throughout it’s loaded with this pulsing, tribal/noise vibe which really comes through on “Kick the Bass” and “Tear the Club Up”. “House of God” was released as a free download a bit ago, and it’s still banging in my sets, haunting vocals strewn over what sounds like locusts eating your local pastor, I can’t get enough of this stuff. “yeah” is his classic electro offering, which comes through with bright energy and rounds out a nicley put together and well-produced EP. He’s been getting a lot of attention here as well as Europe, and has big plans for 2012. Grab the FREE tracks below and pick up the rest of the album, and turn up the bass.

Gosteffects – House of God

Gosteffects – Kick the Bass

Gosteffects – Slave to the Sweat (Disrupt the Scene Remix) <----Bonus