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I’m happy to say that this year’s HARD Summer went the exact opposite of last year’s. Don’t even get me started on that night…though, it’s been more than made up for. I posted up at the very front of the HARD stage all day, because you can bet your ass I was going to be in prime location for the upcoming acts. The day started off with this and ended with the best performance I’ve seen from any band in any genre. No one can do it quite like Soulwax. I’ll get into that and the only thing that went wrong the whole day shortly. With the help of a party bus full of the best people and the flawless performances of some of the biggest names in the electronic world, HARD Summer turned out to be the place to be on August 7th.

HARD Summer Through C+A+D‘s Eyes:

BreakBot 3:15-4

Nothing like starting off the afternoon with that disco you know I love. I had heard about BreakBot, because he’s on Ed Banger Records with the likes of Justice, SebastAian, Mr. Oizo and friends. It’s headed by none other than Busy P. Most of those guys are gonna be at HARD Haunted Mansion as that lineup trumps many that I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t have found out or listened to him at a better time. I’ve been researching all these hard disco electronic producers and hadn’t had a chance to hear him until this show. His whole set was groovy as shit. I stocked up on most of his songs and have yet to hear one I don’t like. For some reason, I didn’t record him so we’re left with nothing but a picture and a song…for now.

Yuksek – Extraball (BreakBot Remix)

The Twelves 4-5

I was really happy with how these guys’ set went. The Twelves have been referred to as “Brazil’s answer to Daft Punk” from BBC’s Radio 1. They played a lot of their remixes that I wanted to hear, plus some that I’ve never heard. One in particular I was really happy to get down to was their “Lisztomania” remix. Unfortunately, I can’t find just the remix of the song in the video, but I did find their essential mix! The essential mix is fuckin’ awesome, by the way. It’s pretty identical to their set which is a really, really good thing. Their song choice was impeccable. It’s also cool, because it looks like one of the guys was working a drum machine and effects, while the other brought the songs in. Nothin’ but a good time. I put some of their remixes in the HARD Summer mix that you can get here.

The Twelves Essential MixDelightful Choice!

Green Velvet 5-6

I had never really heard or listened to this guy up until Saturday. I’d seen his name around Hype Machine, but had never made the leap to listen to him. This all changes now. Not only was he dropping some fresh ass, hard hitting, house bangers, he was definitely a pleasure to watch. The whole time he was dancing and throwing it up for the crowd. LA was throwing those good vibes right back.

Afrojack – Polkadots (Original Mix)

Erol Alkan 6-7

This marked the third and best time I’ve seen Erol. He was also getting down with the crowd and playing around to make it an eventful set. I had some trouble trying to decide which of the two videos I recorded to put up here. I decided to go with this one, because it pretty accurately portrays how his set went, plus it’s one of his original songs that he made with Boys Noize. Those two are always doing shit together which is pretty tight (no homo). Expect to see them share the stage at HARD Haunted Mansion. If you want to see the other video go here.

Erol Alkan & Boys Noize- LemonadeDelightful Choice!
Paul Chambers – Yeah, Techno! (Soulwax remix) (from the other vid)

Diplo 7-8

The first time I was exposed to Diplo and his record label Mad Decent was at the Mayan theatre in 2008 when he opened for Justice. CRAZY live set by Justice, might I add. I miss them…anyway, Diplo was throwing down all the club bangers we wanted to hear, and he gave me my dubstep fix since I missed Magnetic Man.

Swedish House Mafia – One (Chew Chocolate Cookies Remix) Delightful Choice!

Crystal Castles 8:20-9:40

Click for Video

I must admit, I was pretty pumped to see Crystal Castles for my first time. I had heard polar opposite reviews on their live performance. Initially, I read that that’s where they get most of the acclaim. So I had high hopes. The set turned out to be sub par. I don’t know if that was compared to other performances or not, but I was expecting something different. Got some snaps of the better parts of it though. Alice Glass is a performer, for sure.

Major Lazer 9:40-11

I’m not the biggest fan of Major Lazer. I’ve heard some of their songs that I liked, but I have to give them credit for producing todays “We Are Your Friends.” It’s hard to go through a set without hearing a rendition of “Pon De Flor.” Their set was a party, without a doubt. Definitely always entertaining as hell to watch. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to see them, though. Their introduction was pretty funny though. Go here if you wanna see it.

Soulwax 11:20-12
I’d been waiting for this set for almost two years. Last time I saw these guys was Haunted Mansion 2008 with pretty much anyone and everyone who mattered in electronic music (besides Daft Punk) at the time. It was also the last time they were in LA. Everybody that was there saw history that night. DJAM threw down one of the best sets of his life in Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk‘s helmet. I’ve been talkin’ up Soulwax‘s set that night to everyone that would listen. It was the crazies thing I’ve ever seen. The thing about Soulwax is they do no wrong. Everything they do is how it should be done. They tour almost every day for years on end and bring the best performance anyone can ask for. They play all their songs flawlessly together with a bassist and drummer. The drummer is probably my favorite part of their set up.

The worst part of the whole set was when it ended. They robbed us of twenty minutes when they were setting up and ended promptly at 12. I figured they owe us at least an hour for being gone two years. Recorded the whole set from almost front row in HD only to find that it didn’t save when my camera ran out of battery. That’s the only thing that went wrong the whole day. I’ll take it. It makes that memory and the people their that much more valuable in my head. Until next time Soulwax!


Here’s my favorite live set recording of all time. Soulwax‘s set from a couple months after I first saw them

Soulwaxmas 12/20/08

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See you at HARD Haunted Mansion!