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CoachellAltDelight brings attention to special artists that will be featured in Indio come April.
Some we love. Some we just discovered. All essential.
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Both a musical journey and an artistic display, Until the Ribbon Breaks is a project of grand proportions. What started as a one man exploration has since evolved into a spellbinding three-piece of dark rock layered with experimental R’n’B. Their music videos only bring an added allure.


Throughout 2014, they established themselves in a similar realm of The Neighbourhood‘s black-white but with a decidedly more broken man approach. The result is something extremely emotive and earnestly intimate. Catch them early on Saturday to help calm some nerves.


UTRB – Pressure

UTRB – Romeo

Blondie – One Way or Another (UTRB Re-imagination)

UTRB – A Taste of Silver





Gravez is making his way up the ranks of the underground as one of its more talented producers. From Soulection to Athletixx, the dude’s got connections in all the right places. Sango has been playing out this tune in all his sets, and for good reason. Only Gravez could pull a Pitbull sample and sound this fly.


Gravez – Where We From


Rich Boy – Throw Some D’s (Gravez VIP) (ft. Drewsthatdude)


Gravez & Oshi – Sell Soul



And so begins lovers’ month. The January blues are gone. It’s high-time to get down with heavy duty emotions and motions. Here’s a set of songs to help set a mood. Get at it friends.


Tuxedo – Number One

Love vibrations come covered by the classy TuxedoMayer Hawthorne’s side project with Jake One.


Frank Ocean – At Your Best (You are Love) (StarRo Remix)

Feel good vibes from Frank Ocean and StarRo keep you loving at your best.


Argonaut&Wasp – Stranger Lover (When You Came Into My Life)

Warm up lazy with the old-school funky play of Argonaut & Wasp.


Daniel Johns – Aerial Love

Slow down and groove with famed Silverchair rocker turned James Blake-ish crooner Daniel Johns.


ELHAE – Halfway Love

Every Life Has An Ending (ELHAE) so make magic with fireside feelings. Aura is out today.




The Athletixx collective has been on the come up since they united in July. Crewed by Hoodboi, Falcons, Kittens, and Promnite, the collective has been gaining much respect for refreshing LA’s club scene. This Friday (1|30), we’ll have two out of four getting at it for our WAVS series. Support will be coming in from FVSF and B.I.B.L.E.


Athletixx’s All-Stars Mixtape featured tons of previously unreleased works. Expect to hear some new heat come Friday. Seeing this label live is low-key (but actually very high-key) something we’ve been looking forward to. Come get down with us!



Standard procedure. The contest ends at 12PM Friday January 16th!
1. Tweet: “I want 2 tickets to see @djhoodboi X @falconsbeats at @wayfarerCM on Friday! @CtrlAltDelight @Follow_MDA @Athletixx”
2. Tag two friends in our Facebook post.
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Do 1, 2, or all of the above. As always, the more entries –> the better your chance to win. Be sure to be ready to check your e-mail/twitter, because we’ll be giving it to the first person who responds when the contest is over. See you guys there!


Lido – I Love You (Hoodboi Remix)

Alicia Keys – Feelin’ Me, Feelin’ U (Falcons Remix)

Athletixx All-Stars Mixtape Vol.1




2/6 WAX MOTIF ☯ $10 TIX
2/20 Psychemagik ☯ $10 TIX
3/6 Washed Out (DJ Set) ☯ $16.50 TIX
3/20 Jody Wisternoff ☯ $10 TIX






SnowGlobeLineupTicketsSet Times


Last week we had the pleasure of freezing our asses off in northern California’s b-e-a-utiful city of Lake Tahoe. The electronic/hip hop festival hybrid saw its fourth anniversary in the woodsy wonderland. Studded with an all-star lineup, SnowGlobe featured some of the more cutting edge acts in the underground electronic music scene…and Atmosphere, who was the only true hip hop act on the bill. Check after the jump for more on the festival and the artists that made it extra special.



As is customary for year’s end, we must reflect back on our experiences. The way everything came together for us this year in regards to music – album releases, shows, festival appearances, CAD4.0! – definitely makes it one of the best years we’ve had. We’ve put together a top 20 list to recognize our very much opinionated favourite releases of 2014. These twenty albums influenced us in some way or other throughout the year by making us dance, think (or not think), and enjoy life; and they deserve a shout out for that. Onward to bigger and better in 2015!






SnowGlobeLineupTicketsSet Times


Portland, Oregon’s Emancipator is a trip-hop sensation. His ethereal productions are usually accompanied by orchestral and tribal instruments when he plays live. Lucky for us, his SnowGlobe performance will feature the ensemble! It’s the type of music that was literally made to be heard in a woodsy environment like that of Tahoe. This kind of music under the stars is going to be hard to beat.


Emancipator – Diamonds


Emancipator – Minor Cause


SnowGlobe Spotlight brings attention to special artists that will be featured at SnowGlobe Fest 2014.
Some we love. Some we just discovered. All essential.
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