Several songs released over several months, Marcus Marr & Chet Faker’s Work EP signifies silky Chet over anything is certifiably sexy. Throw the soul of Marcus Marr on backing instrumentals and thus is one emotionally charged set. Next up: seeing them play it all live in its dancey passions.


Marcus Marr & Chet Faker – Learning for Your Love

Marcus Marr & Chet Faker – Birthday Card

Marcus Marr & Chet Faker – The Trouble With Us



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San Francisco! Being in one of the best cities in the country comes with its NYE decisions…With so many options, it puts us, the fans, in charge of exactly how to bring in 2016. Another Planet Entertainment made this a no brainer. With a lineup that’s full of artists that could be headlining their own NYE show, we have THE BIG ONE!



We finally got to go see Bill Graham Civic Auditorium a couple weeks ago when Odesza sold out back-to-back nights at the venue. For such a large venue, it’s surprisingly intimate. There is no bad seat in the whole house. Whether you want to be in a wicked dance circle in the pit, or on the balcony dancing comfortable between the seats, you’re guaranteed to get an eye opening view of the city’s most grandiose venues! Sixteen artists. Three stages. One absolutely unforgettable night. Enjoy the playlist as you get hyped for the best NYE party in the country.







Sometimes I wish “Lightning In A Bottle” classified as its own sub-genre. It’s a style of music I can’t get enough of…I’m talking the tribal, experimental-yet-dancy types of songs that teleport you to another world. Yppah fits right along with this vibe, supplementing smooth guitars on airy, ethereal synths that induce closed eye visuals of their own. Could just be the album art that’s burned into my brain. Either way, it works!


Yppah – Occasional Magic





Like sweet silk, the passions that hang in the air of CLUB KURU‘s Layla embrace the ears until everything goes red from reverence and shivers from seduction.







The Girls of Winter: brooding and lovelorn, their heart-baring sleeves give light to hopeful romanticism to come.


Donna Missal – Hotline Bling

Breakups are violent. Donna Missal fights toxicity with vengeance.


ZUZU – Clever Gains

Loss is debilitating. ZUZU finds comfort in the dismay.


Tsar B – Escalate

Emotion is escalation. Tsar B gives it all to release a tired mind.


Alo Lee – Videos

Commitment is compromise. Alo Lee shows the solution is simple if you listen closely.



Passion is unaccommodating. Sälen expresses the heart when nothing else can be done.


P’ARIS – Focus

Hope is tender. P’ARIS focuses on the perfection of what could be.


Sofi de la Torre – Colorblind Cruisin’

Love is colorblind. Sofi de la Torre adds a pop step to it.


EXES – Grey

The end is black or white. EXES paints it grey to lighten the heart.



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On November 20th, RAC‘s ‘Go Your Own Way’ tour stops in LA to show that following the music mold is never the way to go. Seeing Andre’s growth over the years as been a wonderfully heartwarming ride. Seeing his band headline their own tour alongside other rising greats is icing on the cake.


Big Data, Geographer, and filous will even out the night of good vibes. If you’ve ever seen any of these bands live, then you know this night is going to be one for the books.



Standard procedure. The contest ends at 12PM Wednesday, November 18th!
1. Tweet: “I want 2 tickets to see @rac with @CtrlAltDelight / @goldenvoice / @follow_mda at @ClubNokia on 11/20 #RACLAX!”
2. Tag three friends in our Facebook post.
3. “Like” this post.


Do 1, 2, or all of the above. As always, the more entries –> the better your chance to win. Be sure to be ready to check your inbox/twitter, because we’ll be giving it to the first person who responds when the contest is over. See you guys there!


RAC – Can’t Forget You (ft. Chelsea Lankes)

Big Data – Get Some Freedom (feat. Dragonette)

filous – Shaded In ft. Jordan Léser

Geographer – The Guest





El Niño is underway shaping the months to come. Farther north, the heavens rain soft white on grey peaks. We edge closer and closer to the permanent snuggle of winter. Here are a few tracks to help the blood flow.


GEOFFROY – Soaked in Gold

Montreal’s Geoffroy and sauve are one in the same. Undeniably Chet-esque, there’s a romanticism in the electronic-acoustic style that sets him clearly apart. Soaked in Gold is out 11.13.


Finch Fetti x Sabrina Claudio – Hotline Bling (Drake Cover)

Finch Fetti and Sabrina Claudio turn this radio hit on its head with this wanting cover. Warm bass, faded synths, and angelic vocals exchange Drake‘s structures for a more late night lovers’ vibe.


RAC – 3AM ft. Katie Herzig (filous Remix)

RAC‘s Going Away Tour kicked off last week and the traveling party decided to create this lovely little heart-lifter to set the tone. Filous‘s lofty feel good sound added to Katie Herzig‘s romantic vocals takes it down a totally different road that still serves the hopeful purpose.


VIMES – Kyra

This quick mood setter drops in heavy with the mellow space. VIMES is a German duo that has been effectively combining the – lately – deeper musical ideals of the region. ‘Kyra’ is their latest foray into the steady drive of techno coupled with the humanism of heartbreak pop.


Charles Murdoch – Privacy ft. Oscar Key Sung

Charles Murdoch‘s soon-to-be debut POINT features the off-kilter rhythm of Oscar Key Sung in this curiously warm yet cautious track. POINT is out 12.11 on Future Classic.


World Champion – Shakes

As if it were any surprise, funky kraut-psych via World Champion coming by way of Australia has a lot of soul. Even less of a surprise, Future Classic picked these guys up for their forthcoming EP Avocado Galaxy (12.04).