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This Friday, one of my biggest inspirations makes his way to San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom. Jackson is a hell of a dude, and his music has a very unique way of giving you energy while immersing you in a plethora of synths in a drum-filled frenzy. Check out what he had to say about his path and process so far:



C+A+D: Let’s start with how I found out about you, through Odesza and when you opened for them about 2 years ago at SXSW. How did that relationship come about and how do you think that made a change to your career?


Big Wild: Our relationship definitely helped a lot, because there’s a lot of crossover between their music and my music. Odesza’s fans were able to connect with their music and they become my fans too. It was just a really beneficial relationship for both parts. It’s been cool to get tips and advice from them. Not to mention working with Foreign Family. It was a big difference maker in pushing me to where I am today.


C+A+D: The invincible EP is a perfect summation of you and how your sound developed over the years…My favorite song is between Empty Room and Invincible, which are unmistakably you. What was the most challenging part of putting this EP together? Where did you see the most improvement to your process?


Big Wild: The hardest part about it was just its completion. I had been working on some of these songs for over a year; on and off. It’s really easy to run into roadblocks or writers-block. Through this process, I’ve made changes on how I make music now, so I can make music a lot faster than before.


There would be times when I didn’t know how to make the drop hit harder…or how to tweak this or that. I think that was the hardest part. Accepting that I could keep making changes to the song forever, and it’s never going to be perfect, and to just finish it. That’s a really big part of putting together any kind of project, EP, or even a single. Just knowing when to say, “OK. I’m not really improving the song. I’m just making it sound different.” And that’s crucial.


C+A+D: What other equipment makes up your live rig? Did you evolve your rig from a more basic set up, or has it remained the same since you began performing


Big Wild: I really try to focus on not piling up a bunch of gear and keeping it fairly minimal. I don’t want to clutter my stage with gear and separate me from the crowd. My set up over time has pretty much the same amount of things. I used to use a nord keyboard but on this tour I’m using a keyboard that also triggers samples off my computer as well. I’m happy with how it brings my songs to life in front of a crowd.


C+A+D: If you had a time machine and were able to talk to yourself before your first show as Big Wild, what advice would you give?


Big Wild: Oh that’s a good question. *thinks for a few seconds* If I had to give myself advice, it would be not to overthink everything. Don’t make music more complicated than it needs to be, because I definitely tend to do that. Another thing is to understand the importance of different elements in all types of music and why people would like those things.


For example, when I started out I was really into hip hop. I would make hip hop instrumentals, and I was 100% all about producing. That’s what I was listening to and focusing on in songs. By doing that I wasn’t focusing as much on vocals, or what type of voice this needs, or what the lyrics are. When I first started out, because I didn’t pay attention to that, I had holes in my musicianship. When I would go to make a song and try to focus on vocals or a lead instrument, it would be really difficult.


It’s important to not get sucked into one part of a song, and focus on all the parts; like the melody of the vocals for example. Understand what goes into making a FULL song, rather than get too obsessed on one specific part of a song. Which I guess goes back to not overthinking it. These are all things that were goals for me on this EP. Get involved with writing the lyrics. Get involved with writing the melody for the singers. Work on these other things that I never cared much about, but now I’m very much into. This EP was a learning experience for that, and I’m at peace with how it came out.




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Last week I finally had the chance to sit down with Odesza to get in this interview that’s been a year in the making. I tried to catch them right before their tour with Pretty Lights, because I knew the following year was going to be huge for them. It wasn’t until they finally came back to LA in the midst of an enormous sold out tour that we could chat about their past, present, and future. ODESZA a huge inspiration to many artists currently in the scene and very deservedly so. They’re amongst the select few individuals setting the bar for electronic music as far as production and live shows. Catch the details after the jump!

ZHU – Faded (Odesza Remix)

Odesza – Sun Models (ft. Madelyn Grant)


slow magic


Slow Magic | Soundcloud | Buy How To Run Away | LA Show 9/12

With our favorite imaginary friend Slow Magic’s debut album, How To Run Away, set to release next week, our anticipation builds for the world to be acquainted. His tour for the album will be hitting LA at the legendary Roxy on Friday September 12th! Scope our interview below to see why his live performances are not to be missed, and why you should be prepared for things to work out when shit seemingly hits the fan.

Slow Magic – Waited 4 U

Slow Magic – Girls




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Last week we had the humbling opportunity to interview the eclectic Born Ruffians at the beautiful Troubadour in LA. A show that will definitely hold a place close to not only our hearts, but those of the band as well. You could feel the excitement reverberate through both floors of the venue. After the thunderous set, we sat down with the pulsating energy of the band and bassist Mitch DeRosier.

Check the interview after the jump, and don’t forget the video of “Foxes Mate For Life” if you want to catch the vibes of the night.

Born Ruffians – Rage Flows

Born Ruffians – Ocean’s Deep




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It’s been awhile since we’ve done an interview, because we only do it with artists we truly believe in. Artists that step off the beaten path and create something universal. A sound that anyone with an open mind can appreciate. As you can imagine these artists are few and far between. Harley Streten (AKA Flume) took a minute to catch up with us while in the midst of a tour ping-ponging across the U.S. Check after the jump about his new life as a Platinum selling recording artist.

See everyone at Flume’s SOLD OUT show by IHEARTCOMIX in Los Angeles! WOO!

Flume – Sleepless Feat. Jezzabell Doran

Orna – The Anthem (Flume Remix)




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Finally got to meet the kids behind the bar after all these years, and these guys did work! Rocked Control Avalon like they were the headlining act. Didn’t hold back and threw down a hard electro set for a venue packed with disco house loving Treasure Fingers fans. They didn’t miss a beat and had the personalities to match. Here’s how it went:

First off…get at this video I got to get a taste of what their set was.




Finals week may be upon us, but that didn’t stop the kids from dancing last Monday. Gramatik, Michal Menert and SuperVision put the Velvet Jones’ sound system to the test as they laid down a bombardment of glitch hop, funk and dubstep. Good vibes and good beats in the perfectly intimate venue, it was one of the best shows I’ve been to in a while. To top it all off, I had the pleasure to share a few words with some of the boys backstage. Check it out after the jump

Listen while you read!
Gramatik & Break Science – Boogie Down