Jagwar Ma | Howlin’

Good music coming out of Australia is becoming a way of life nowadays. Case in point: Jagwar Ma. Jagwar Ma (Jono Ma & Gabriel Winterfield) take on a huge role in this ‘revival’ scene that the music world is experiencing right now. Their debut Howlin’ is a veritable psychedelia experience. What makes them unique is their flawless combination of genres from the 60’s through the 90’s – sometimes even in the same song (‘Exercise’). You’ll catch hints of The Chemical Brothers, John Lennon, Primal Scream and The Beach Boys just to name drop a few.

Now we know those are names you don’t ever see next to each other when considering musical style, but bear with us. If you were alive or have musical influences from these periods then you’ll get what we mean when you start listening. Keep your eyes and ears on this duo; they’re destined for greatness. Buy their debut using the link above!

Entice your Mind

Jagwar Ma – That Loneliness

Jagwar Ma – Exercise

Visual Delight