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CoachellAltDelight: Nosaj Thing

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The CoachellAltDelight series will put focus on the low key Coachella
artists that we at C+A+D feel like you should know about.
Less than a week til we’re all together!

Prepare to have senses delighted when LA’s Nosaj Thing graces the stage this Friday at Coachella. Nosaj blends instrumental hip-hop with electronic synth elements to create a sound that anyone will enjoy. He’s widely known for his song “Aquarium,” which Kid Cudi sampled for “Man on the Moon.” With his “visual shows,” he’s mastered the art of uniting the power of audio and visual in a way that leaves you feeling immersed in a world of what you’re hearing. I haven’t been able to see any of the shows, but based on videos and Coachella’s history with visual masterpieces, I’m feeling pretty good about the chances of my mind being blown. Check below for a taste of what to expect and an improvised DJ set that he did. Make sure to catch his set on Day 1!



Didn’t get the chance to recap UCI’s Urban Arts Fest 2011 the other night; CA’s finest Dom Kennedy and Fashawn came out to perform to a crowd of maybe 250. It ended up being the ideal show — straight to the point, good openers, intimate, and free. Host Nduka Unaka and DJ Beatfiend kept the crowd interested in the short time in between sets and both Yancy Deron and Cobe Obeah got more than a few heads noddin’. Fashawn impressed, playing a couple tracks from “Boy Meets World” and a lot from his latest tape, “Higher Learning 2.” Dom delivered another one of his powerful performances that he’s quickly become known for. He played a little bit of everything and had backup from the crowd for most of the set. Shout out to Hip Hop Congress for putting it together. Got a couple videos of Dom… excuse the shitty capturing.

CoachellAltDelight: OFWGKTA

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The CoachellAltDelight series will put focus on the low key Coachella
artists that we at C+A+D feel like you should know about.
Less than a week til we’re all together!

So we’ve probably all heard OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) by now (if you haven’t it’s time to hit up your realtor and move out from under that rock), but just as you might already listen to Jack Beats, we want to highlight known and unknown Coachella artists to add to the excitement and keep you focused on the prize that’s just eight days away. The young supergroup Odd Future is seemingly taking over the industry while being chased by Jay-Z, Diddy, and others to ink a deal. 20 year old leader of the group Tyler, the Creator has polarized audiences with his unique style and controversial lyrical content. Ask around and you’ll find people swearing by the group’s ability and shows that capitalize on shock-factor as well as those that feel that they’re a group just riding a wave of hype. Their material is not for the faint of heart — to put it plainly, it’s evil. But whatever you think of the music, there’s no denying the following and buzz they’ve built at such a young age. I myself only have it in my headphones occasionally, but I can’t deny the talent and appreciate the artistic ability. Whatever your thoughts are on the group, I recommend checking out the interview below to gain a fresh perspective. Catch ‘em on day one and expect the crowd to get a little wild during the performance.




Hodgy Beats – Bubble Gum ft. Tyler the Creator x Casey Veggies
Tyler, the Creator – French! ft. Hodgy Beats
Tyler, the Creator – Odd Toddlers ft. Casey Veggies

Recap: Paid Dues 2011

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Headed out deep into the 909 yesterday to check out the 6th Annual Paid Dues Festival, put together again by MURS and the folks at Guerilla Union. The festival has continued to grow since its beginning in ‘06, expanding from its independent hip-hop roots by bringing together artists with different styles from all over. There’s few things better than everyone coming together to enjoy the sunshine, thumping bass, and good vibes so I knew it was gonna be a good day.

Got there a little later than we had planned, so we unfortunately missed Casey Veggies and Dom Kennedy, among others (although Dom is performing in LA and the OC on back to back nights this week so I got over that pretty quickly). We made it in time to catch Black Hippy, the group consisting of Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, and Schoolboy Q. The four had the crowd up, each performing some solo stuff before coming together as a group. Kendrick Lamar had a special buzz going after performing “Pussy and Patron” and “Michael Jordan.” Look for him to have a bigger spot in the show if he returns next year.

Asher Roth and Nottz, as Rawth, delivered my favorite performance of the night as it started getting dark. The thirty minute set was all you could’ve wanted from the two. Asher played some old and new and guided a quick tour through the game-changing work Nottz has accomplished, w/ DJ Recognize showing how a hip-hop DJ can get a crowd hyped in between songs.

The Grindtime Now stage had MCs battling and performing inside a UFC cage, the “hip-hoptagon.” The novelty was pretty cool at first but it was just in the way after a little while. Slaughterhouse headlined, showing up late but bringing the heat once they made their way to the stage. Unfortunately missed MURS due to set times being switched around, but caught him covering Rage Against the Machine’s “Bulls on Parade” at the end, which was dope. Natural entertainer, MURS has never disappointed with his live act. Immortal Technique killed his set, bringing his inspiring revolutionary message with him. One of the homies cracked some joke about “Che Technique.” Mos Def and Talib Kweli’s re-union as Black Star was the main headliner. I’m a big fan but as a headliner I think they could’ve played more of their popular shit, especially with all the anticipation. Mos Def’s red old school microphone was full of swag though. Sorry for the lack of media, my phone’s been dropped too many times to take clear pictures or videos with clear sound… working on getting that fixed.

Another solid Paid Dues, especially considering the ticket included the price of second-hand smoke. My only complaint (I can’t be the only one who thinks this) is the over-use of the hype man in so many acts. I’d rather hear the artist performing the track than have someone yelling random lines. It’s like when you don’t know all the lyrics to a song and you’re trying to sing along. Sounds so much better without it. Got some good shows comin’ up in the next month, check the Upcoming Events to see where you’ll find us!



Asher dropped the video for “Gotta Get Up” today, pretty interesting visuals… we’ve all been there.


Childish Gambino

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Unofficial mixtape from Actor/Comedian/MC Childish Gambino released this week, titled “I Do Not Talk.” The tape highlights Gambino’s earlier work and shows the progression to his current sound. If you haven’t listened, Childish Gambino is the stage name of Donald Glover, who stars on the TV show ‘Community‘ and also performs as a comedian. His entertainment background is definitely reflected in his flow; he’s developed a nice ability to play with words as if there’s a controller attached. His more recent material on “EP” succeeds in straddling the line between continuous wit and rhythm… it’s almost tempting to dub his style geek-rap. I haven’t had the chance to catch his live show but it’s tough to go wrong with stand-up and live music together (he’ll be in LA on 4/27… tickets. Grab both “EP” and “I Do Not Talk” below.

If you’re gonna be at Paid Dues this weekend hit me up!


Childish Gambino – I Do Not Talk | DOWNLOAD
Childish Gambino – EP | DOWNLOAD

Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks

Childish Gambino – Lights Turned On


XXL’s 2011 Freshman Class: The Mixtape gives a taste of the talent from all the artists on the list. Also includes new tracks from BIG K.R.I.T., Yelawolf, Kendrick Lamar, and others.

Sir Michael Rocks – The Rocks Report

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Alot of projects comin’ in hot the past few weeks: Chip Tha Ripper’s bass-slappin Gift Raps, Pac Div’s Mania!, The Original Dom Kennedy, among others. Today we got another, the solo debut of Sir Michael Rocks. The artist formerly known as Mikey Rocks (one half of The Cool Kids) brings the same heat on his first tape without Chuck. Starts off with a little distortion on “Hate Me Too” that goes hard (would love to see more use of that), continues with a couple instant jams like “Coochie Crook” and some storytelling skills in “Deal Went Sour.” All with the fresh demeanor that can only be pulled off by the dude that can rock the leather strap hat. Mr. Rocks has definitely matured since his early shit with the Cool Kids. 25 tracks on this bad boy with a few features and some skits. Check it (and get that bracket ready)


Sir Michael Rocks – The Rocks Report | DOWNLOAD

Sir Michael Rocks – Coochie Crook
Sir Michael Rocks – Hate Me Too ft. Sir Charles


Kanye West – All of The Lights Remix ft. Lil’ Wayne, Big Sean, Drake +++

If you haven’t already, make sure to grab Mac Miller’s much-hyped Best Day Ever. Just a kid havin a good time makin’ tunes, more positive vibes from Mac. Two thumbs up!