Jeg snakker ikke norsk, og heller ikke du. Hvis du kan lese dette har du sannsynligvis brukt en oversetter. That’s Norwegian for “if you didn’t chuckle a little at this band’s name you are more mature than I am.” Just kidding. But really, I love when a band has a good sense of humor and humor just so happens to be at the core of Kakkmaddafakka’s music. They’re the kind of band you want to be friends with. They released their debut “Hest” last February and have gained a bit of attention for their funky music and energized live performances. Their sound is derived from a number of influences but its general appeal is carefree indie pop/indie rock. This is feel-good music. They’re not taking things too seriously (clearly, I can’t say their name out loud without laughing). Pick up the album and put on your dancing shoes cause this is the kind of stuff you’ll wanna wiggle to.


1. Restless
2. Your Girl
3. Self-Esteem
4. Make the First Move
5. Is She
6. Touching
7. Heidelberg
8. Gangsta
9. Dro So