Yes the rumors are substantiated, you’ve been wondering for weeks and well, it’s true, I’m back to C+A+D! Glad to be back after playing a few cool shows and booking some of my favorite artists here in Santa Cruz, but truth be told I love sharing my music too much, and glad to be back at it. Without further ado……..here’s the music.

If you’re not caught up with this guy or his bromantical angry-techno counterpart Gesaffelstein, get out from that rock homie. These guys owned Hard Cruise together, and their stateside tour stop in S.F. was one of the best sets I’ve seen. Ever.
Gesaffelstein – Viol (Brodinski Remix)

Can’t stop playing this noise maker from Italian up and comer Supabeatz. I get asked what this track is after I play it out more than any other, keep up with him and his pal Keith, they often team up with absolute bangers to offer.
The 2 Bears – Work (Supabeatz Remix)

This E.P. was the second release from Lucky Beard Records, started by Phra of Crookers. Honestly slept on this remix, but this is just the jam right now.
Donovans & Maelstrom – I Need (Cookie Snap Remix)

Lastly this comes from the latest offering of the always eclectic Mumbai Science. This is their second EP in their ‘Unified Theory’ trilogy, with the third EP set to come out in early March. Keeps your ears open for that, and grab this sweet, dancy groove in the mean time.
Mumbai Science – Reality

Got some cool stuff lined up for the next few weeks guys. As always, buy the music and wear good headphones!
-Mr. Vos