So, it’s Sunday, and I pretty much played out last week’s CD. I’m likin’ that we both win on these playlists, because it definitely makes my daily driving a lot more tolerable. A little bit of dance, a little bit of hip-hop, a lotta bit of indie/alternative. Ended up being a pretty mellow list, now that I look at it. You can sleep to this playlist.

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Delightful Mention!

Artist: The Muddy Flowers
I’m proud to say that this band consists of a bunch of my friends from home (allllllllllllllllll the way back home……where I’m from). Call me biased, call me whatever, I know talent when I see it. If you’re into the lo-fi/garage rock stuff, there is no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy these guys. A melodic combo of instruments and personalities, driven by the passion of their frontman gives them a very unique sound. I had their last album, “Downer,” on repeat upon its release a few weeks ago. You can pick up a copy at their local shows. Here’s a vid

Flight Facilities – Crave You
I was hooked on this track right when I heard it. It has a Daft Punk feel to it. I’m not sure what it is exactly that gives it that feel, but I’m sure you’d understand. No other voice could be a better match for this track. Lyrics are very important, and for this song, they’re key. We’ve all been there. I tried to find more from these guys after I heard “Crave You.” For the most part, all they have is remixes of the same song. All good.

Artist: Arcade Fire
Ok so Arcade Fire‘s new album just leaked, and it’s been racking up most of my plays for the last week. Funeral, their first album, is definitely one of my top 5 most played. Neon Bible, their second, never really caught on for me. The two tracks are my favorites off The Suburbs so far. I’m gonna leave the rest to BBC (full article):

“…The Suburbs is their most thrillingly engrossing chapter yet; a complex, captivating work that, several cycles down the line, retains the magic and mystery of that first tentative encounter. You could call it their OK Computer. But it’s arguably better than that.”

Your week just got it’s own playlist!