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STRFKR – Happy Fucking Holidays

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Just realized this post comes off pretty explicit right off the bat considering the band name AND song both have the word “fuck” in it, but…fuck it! Relevant track coming your way! Starfucker / STRFKR is one of my top 5 favorite bands of all time, and they’re serious contenders of best album of the year for Reptilians. I’ve been following these guys on their facebook and twitter, and their sense of humor always gets me. The song seems so nice and soft when all they say is “Happy fucking holidaaays to youuu, and youuu”. I dunno. I love em. The track is off a compilation of Portland-based indie artists doing holiday songs. It’s called Another Grey Christmas and you can stream it by following the link. I was gonna wish you all happy holidays, but I’ll let the song take care of that. ;)

Check our interview with them!

STRFKR – Happy Fucking Holidays

NEW Jack Beats and Mord Fustang!

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It was another one of those morning struggles getting out of bed, when suddenly I found the energy through an email for a new Jack Beats track! These guys have been teasing us with word of an album all year, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be out anytime soon. In the mean time, it looks as if they have a series of B-Sides for release that they’ve been playing in clubs during their HARD Summer tour. ‘Make the People,’ the first of the series, is everything you’d ever want from Jack Beats, except new and fresh! It’s a free download on their facebook, so please go ‘like’ it in support, but I included it below as well.

Jack Beats – Make the People

The last and certainly not least track of this post is a new one from the Estonian wonder kid Mord Fustang. This guy’s sound is like a cross between Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner, which probably adds to why he isn’t as big as he should be. It’s a familiar sound that established artists are already working with, but it doesn’t take away from how astoundingly great this track is.

Mord Fustang – We Are Now Connected

He also opened with this track when we saw him in OC last week! It was a pretty awesome sold out show, and everyone was ready to get sweaty in the pit considering our loss of patience. The DJ before Mord went on about half an hour too long, and he was fun and all but we wanted some Mord. You’ll see him yelling at the beginning of the video. The track starts towards the fifty second mark.

YOLO List: Week 74

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Happy Sunday! Good to be back. I feel like so much has happened since last week. Two huge leaps forward in the works for C+A+D as a whole. Feel like it could be really cool when we do it right! Stick with us. Oh and so many shows. Be there such a thing: Digitalism, Mord Fustang, Kendrick Lamar/Dom Kennedy/Casey Veggies, then Deadmau5/Murphy/Proxy for free? I’m just on cloud 9…I’ll have videos up and recaps later today or tomorrow. Need to recharge haha. Scope these pictures our photog Philip Mendoza got though!! I don’t know how he does it.

Digitalism @ Music Box LA 12/13
Mord Fustang/Tommy Noble @ Yost Theatre 12/14


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Ali Love – Diminishing Returns (Alvin Risk Remix) (Bass Music)
Madeon – Shuriken (KITSUNE CLUB MIX RIP) (Electronic)
LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great (Indie/Alt)
LCD Soundsystem – Us V Them (Indie/Alt)
Daft Punk – Short Circuit (House)
Chuckie – Who Is Ready To Jump (Dillon Francis Remix) (Dubstep)
Rocksonix – Madness (Dubstep/DnB)
Paper Diamond – Snowfall (Electronic)

NEW The Twelves LIVE Mix @ Razzmatazz Barcelona

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Little did I know I’d be here with a new mix for you today from none other than The Twelves. These guys are my idols, as far as music production and DJing goes at least. They have such a keen ear to what tears apart the dance floor, and it’s a kind of universal sound that anyone can get down to. This mix was done live in Barcelona’s Razzmatazz early November. They somehow snuck under the radar and +Jangbar missed them even though he’s there. SUCKS! The Twelves are awesome live. One of my favorite mixes ever, if not THE favorite, is their essential mix they did a couple years back. If you haven’t done so yet, I highly suggest you download it now.

Click here to check our interview with them!

They haven’t made it downloadable, nor have they included a tracklist. Busty. I’m almost half way through though and it’s very fresh! Lots of new funky tracks since they’ve been in hibernation. T.E.E.D., of Montreal, etc. And of course they’ve got their classic remixes. It’s a must listen.

Bonus Twelves

Fever Ray – Seven (The Twelves Remix) Delightful Choice!
Radiohead – Reckoner (The Twelves Remix)
Daft Punk – Aerodynamic (The Twelves Remix)

YOLO List: Week 73

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Gonna try something new this week…I’m especially fond of every track, so you get my two cents for each!


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Knife Party’s first EP is being released today for free! I was fortunate enough to get a listen to this last week and I have NOT been able to let this one down. Massive dubstep track that blasts through really good speakers. Kinda reminds me of Skrillex + Rusko. I’m obsessed. Get the full EP here.
Knife Party – Fire Hive (Original Mix) (Dubstep)

Don’t know how I missed these tracks because they’re fairly old. But hey! It’s like getting a new release! They should call these “BB-Sides” because they were extra tracks on a CD if you bought it from Best Buy.
Foster the People – Chin Music For The Unsuspecting Hero (B-Sides) (Indie/Alt)
Foster the People – Love (B-Sides) (Indie/Alt)

Zeds Dead…these f*ckin’ guys blew my mind at Haunted Mansion this year. They played a lot of their original tracks that hit SO hard live. This one is no different. When it drops to dub in the middle, I die. Expecting big things from them in 2012.
Zeds Dead – Ruckus The Jam (Original Mix) (Electronic)

Boys Noize released a compilation album of 24 remixes that he’s done over the years. Some we’ve heard. A lot we haven’t. All of them unique in their own right. Boys Noize proves once again that time has no effect on his production abilities. The release is out in the UK and France for now, but will be out in the US and internationally later this month.
Kaiser Chiefs – Everyday I Love You Less And Less (Boys Noize Remix) (Electronic)
Teenage Bad Girl – Cocotte (Boys Noize Rework) (Electronic)

Bingo Players have a knack for putting out some of the most quality house tracks out of everyone. I love their sound! Has a kind of feel to it that makes you want to be in an arena with 100k people. This song is no “Cry (Just A Little),” but it’s just as dancy if not more.
Bingo Players – Mode (Original Mix) (House/Electronic)

Shook: The boogie king. Older remix, but my friend sent it to me and I fell in love all over again. He’s got a real special ability with the sounds he makes. So groovy! Get his stuff from SoundCloud.
The Ting Tings – Hang It Up (Shook Remix) (Indie/Dance)

TGIK is awesome! Don’t really know what genre he falls into because he tends to mix it up a lot. His synths cut to the core, and this little track is a lot of fun. More for summer time, but hopefully it brings y’all some warmth in this gloomy winter.
TGIK – Pick Myself Up (TGIK Remix & Tribute to Peter Tosh) (Dance/Reggae)