Had to work on this week’s YOLO list early, Outside Lands took up a lot of my time this weekend. Another monumental weekend to add to the books. I don’t get to go to San Francisco often enough, so that was a treat for me. I’ll fill you guys in on how it went down later this week. I know I don’t give this disco shit a rest, but I had to stock up for you guys this week. My buddy Marc hooked me up with more BreakBot than I know what to do with. This is a good thing for both you and me. Keep the feedback and music coming! I love when you guys help out with these lists. If you’re wondering where I got the picture up top, it’s from this venue called The Smell in Los Angeles. Their bathrooms are all tagged up like that. Thought it was cool…Beaches are starting to clear up as the summer weather we’ve been waiting for finally decided to show. Enjoy the list compilation on the way there.

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Delightful Mention!

Artist: Young the Giant
Young the Giant, formerly known as The Jakes, are another OC native. I grew up with some of these kids, and it’s cool to check back on someone years later to see that they’re doing really great things. This band is filled with all the talent and devotion you’re gonna need to make it to the top. The lead singer took time off from Stanford to put work into the band, and it’s paid off. They’ve played with the likes of Kings of Leon and Minus the Bear. They earned it, though. They’ll be playing every Sunday this month at The Troubador and every Wednesday at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa for cheap. See them! Here’s a video of my favorite song off their upcoming self-titled album on Roadrunner Records. The song was #1 on Hype Machine‘s Most Popular list last week. If you know anything about Hype Machine, you know that’s not an easy feat. Let me know if they deserved it:

Justice vs Simian – We Are Your Friends
I was talking about this song in the last post. I thought it would be a good idea to throw it up on here if for some reason you were robbed of hearing it. This song is pretty much what put Justice on the map. They collabed with Simian (now Simian Mobile Disco) to make this song for a DJ contest and won. Now they are one of the premier producers in the world. I saw them for the first time at a smaller venue in LA almost a year after the release of their first album. Their live show is amazing. They DJ behind the cross with stacks of light-up marshall amps to their sides. Get here if you haven’t yet. Worth every penny. The other two times I saw them was at the past HARD Haunted Mansions. It’s always good to see them, but a DJ set doesn’t give you the feel for what they can really do. I want them to come back to LA to play their live set sooner than later. People here need to see what one of the biggest influences of today’s electronic music has to offer.

Leave me some comments on what you guys liked so I can coordinate these lists to better suit your needs. Otherwise, thanks to the people who sent me songs! Keep them coming. I mean it.

By some miracle, a recording of Soulwax‘s set has surfaced on the internet. Big ups to GottaDanceDirty for making it happen. It’s unreal listening to this set, which I have been for the past six hours straight, and knowing I was there to see it. It gets me every time. These guys are truly the greatest. If you got love for Soulwax, this is a delightful treat. The quality isn’t as good as the last live set I put up, but it’s definitely good enough to appreciate. Also, I threw up the opening song that they teamed up with Crookers and Mixhell to create. Help yourself.

Soulwax Live at HARD Summer 2010
We Love Animal (Tons of Friends) – Crookers ft. Soulwax ft. Mixhell

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