[CHILL] Album Review: Washed Out + Paracosm


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Ernest Greene has used his second full-length release opportunity to shift to a more organic sound. He has incorporated antique instruments to re-envision the nebulous music we’ve grown to love à la Life of Leisure and Within and Without. While Paracosm has decidedly ambient and psychedelic leanings due to the lessened presence of electronic beat samples, it does maintain Greene’s dreamy and buoyant vocations. Check after the jump for songs and videos!

It opens with, quite simply, ‘Entrance’. Indubitably a bòn mót, the intro sets the scene for the entire album: a picturesque and relaxing escape to a better place. ‘It All Feels Right’ immediately follows and the chirps and chimes definitely feel right. Imagination sparks at ‘All I Know’ and the shift in tempo leads listeners into a jubilant state of mind. Closing tracks ‘Falling Back’ and ‘All Over Now’ are lofty and vibrant tracks with sunny warmth.

There is a seamless sense of obscure wonderment throughout the entire album and while this type of sound melding is often a bane for most albums, it works more as a boon for Paracosm. Greene provides just enough disparity between each track to keep listeners rooted to the sonic daydream.

Buy Paracosm here. Be sure to catch his [their] live set on Sunday at FYF Fest!


1. Entrance
2. It All Feels Right (Right Click > Save As)
3. Don’t Give Up
4. Weightless
5. All I Know
6. Great Escape
7. Paracosm
8. Falling Back (Right Click > Save As)
9. All Over Now