[HOUSE] Artist Spotlight: Tontario


Finnish producer Tontario caught the world by surprise with his version of the highly remixed ‘A World Alone’ by Lorde. The simplicity turned it into easy-pickin’ mellow mood setter. Between then and now, he’s been busy with similar summery vibes. His more recent tracks see him venturing into more energetic and experimental realms.


Case in point: his remixes of SOHN‘s ‘Bloodflows’ and MNEK‘s ‘The Rhythm’.


Lorde – A World Alone (Tontario Remix)


Topi x Tontario – Backfeed


MO – Give it to Me (Tontario Remix)


SOHN – Bloodflows (Tontario Remix)


MNEK – The Rhythm (Tontario Remix)