CoachellAltDelight: Caravan Palace

CoachellAltDelight brings attention to special artists that will be featured in Indio come April.
Some we love. Some we just discovered. All essential.
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50/57 Days

Having missed Parov Stelar last year due to illness, we’ve yet to quench our electro-swing thirst. This year Goldenvoice decided to remedy the misfortune by inviting Caravan Palace to the desert oasis. As the genre suggests, they put a modern twist on the happy-go-lucky dance of the Roaring Twenties. Keep your eyes off the clock. Forget the green light’s beckon. Dig up your suspenders, derby hats, cloches, and flapper skirts; let’s have ourselves a rowdy ragtime on Friday.

Caravan Palace – Dramophone

Caravan Palace – Clash

Caravan Palace – Panic