[Album Review] Boys Noize – Out Of The Black



‘Out Of The Black’ is Boys Noize’s third full-length studio album. The LP, which is expected to release on October 8th, features 12 tracks of unruly, schizophrenic, acid-driven techno. Charging out of the gates with “This is what you want, this is what you get,” there’s no shortage of analog bass sequences and distortion. Some might argue that Alex Ridha is going back to his Oi Oi Oi roots.

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Boys Noize – Out Of The Black

01. What You Want
[audio: http://www.controlaltdelight.com/Music/boys%20noize/01%20-%20What%20You%20Want.mp3]
02. XTC
[audio: http://www.controlaltdelight.com/Music/boys%20noize/02%20-%20XTC.mp3]
03. Missile
04. Ich R U
05. Rocky 2
06. Circus Full Of Clowns feat. GIZZLE
07. Conchord feat. Siriusmo
08. Touch It
09. Reality
10. Merlin
11. Stop
12. Got It feat. Snoop Dogg