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While most of the U.S. is trudging through a cold winter filled with rain, wind, and snow, Costa Rica continues to thrive in the warm, tropical climates of its eternal summer. Touted as one of the leading transformational festivals in the world, Envision is returning to the beaches of Uvita for its 7th annual celebration of music, art and sacred movement. Envision has certainly grown over the years, yet through careful curation and leadership it maintains the feeling of intimacy and mindfulness that have made the festival what it is today.


The 2017 edition of the festival boasts an impressive lineup of musicians, performers and teachers. The first phase of the lineup includes artists such as Autograf, Opiuo, Rising Appalachia, Nicola Cruz, Ott, and Acid Pauli. Envision staples Random Rab and Santos & Zurdo will once again be performing to the pleasure of many fans.


Nicola Cruz – Saggitarian (right click-> open new)



The yoga lineup of the festival is just as impressive as the music. The Envision organizers have booked instructors such as Sianna Sherman, Amber Ryan, Kevin Courtney, Christopher “Hareesh” Wallis, Kishan Shah and Hoopalicious among many others. Be sure to bring your yoga mat as the weekend is sure to be filled with sandy beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and plenty of flow.


Rodriguez – Sugar Man (The Goldfish Remix) (right click-> open new)



Still, the festival is more than just music and yoga. Envision teaches a way of living. Workshops will be held all weekend, led by John Perkins, Crimson Rose, Will Roger, Summer Rayne Oakes, Leah Song & Chloe Smith, and Rob Greenfield just to name a few. These workshops will help teach and raise awareness on a myriad of subjects that are in line with “The 8 Pillars of Envision”, which are comprised of permaculture, spirituality, movement, art, music, community, health, and ecobuilding. In this way Envision has cemented itself as a place for free-thinkers and movers from all over the planet to unite and grow.


Autograf – Dream (right click-> open new)