[Concert Preview] Noise Pop Pres: SALES @ Starline Social Club




I still remember nearly four years ago when my friends were passing around Sales’ sophomore single “Chinese New Year.” Every time I put it on, it invigorates the feeling of a top down drive along PCH. It rekindles the soft smell of an ocean breeze and the warm sunny rays of a southern California summer gently resting on our backs. Seeing as how they’re from Orlando, ocean breezes and warm sunny rays are something they’re very accustomed to, and it oozes through their music.


Luckily for Bay Area, our friends at Noise Pop are bringing Sales and their warm sunny vibes to Oakland at the Starline Social Club next Tuesday December 5th! I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to sway with these guys and watch them in their element for too long. Be sure to snag your tickets quick. Come get some sun with us.