[CONCERT PREVIEW] Underworld (LIVE) & Jungle @ The Hollywood Bowl 6/21


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This Sunday, Underworld makes their legendary return back to LA’s biggest and most premier stage The Hollywood Bowl After being in the game for over two decades, the duo continues its do-what-we-want attitude that has continued to captivate their fans.


“The purists have never liked us. Our tastes are so wide and we draw on such a history of music that when making record like dubnobass, we had no preconception of it ever being something that the dance fraternity and the indie crowd would fully embrace.”


They have thrived by taking their influences into their own hands with their music, and that’s a big reason why they’ve been able to stand out as long as they have with a sound that is more relevant today than ever.


If you’re in LA and want to see living legends show how they’ve earned their acclaim and how they’ve inspired electronic musicians from around the world, there’s no better place to be than Hollywood Bowl on Sunday. And oh, it’s only a HUGE plus that Jungle will be setting the tone for the evening. Don’t miss your chance.



Underworld – Always Loved A Film


Underworld – Scribble


Jungle – Busy Earnin’