There’s nothing quite like a warehouse party. There’s nothing quite like deep house and minimal techno out of primo speakers. Throw the two together and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed amazing time. Last Friday, APEX and LOT 613 definitely proved this point. We heard complaints of long lines and the like, but we got there at opening so we’ve got no say in that. The vibe once we were inside was perfect; the energy was palpable.

There were 2 rooms as well as an outside patio so there wasn’t ever too large a crowd in one spot. The visuals from Strangeloop were projected on pretty much every surface, which added to the whole underground warehouse rave vibe. That and the whole ending at 4am thing.

We got in for Droog to warm up and then moseyed on over to the Mateo Warehouse for Split Secs – definitely not a disappointment – my “got-to-see” for the night. There was no separator between the DJ booth and the crowd which made it even cooler.

BLOND:ISH, Joy Orbison, Danny Daze, Justin Martin, and Tale of Us was somewhat of a dancing blur. We found ourselves going back and forth just following the energy of the deep. This is probably what was so fun about the night; there was no typical rushing to see a specific person or waiting to hear a specific track. Just the people, the music, and the dancing.

We do remember the Pizza King dropping what we think is his favourite song right now (he’s dropped it at both his Exchange LA residency visits so far), a remix of Tiga vs. Audion’s “Let’s Go Dancing” that we just can’t pin. But, there are no complaints on our end cause we love it.

Before we knew it, it was 4am. The energy of the crowd and music carried us the whole night. This APEX tour show is definitely going to be one of our favourites for a while. Here’s to hoping they bring the Deep WareHouse around again. A few extra port-a-potties would be nice.