[Concert Recall] Lightning In A Bottle 2013 & Complete Photo Coverage


Lightning In A Bottle | The Do Lab | Complete Photo Album

Music festivals have found themselves in a surge previously thought unimaginable. What was once “one rave here” or “one Coachella there” has turned into “Festival Season” and “Festival Season Leading to Festival Season.” There are relatively countless events to attend of all shapes and sizes. Now that people are succumbing to what truly makes a festival special, experiences are more easily shaped towards the fan’s wants and needs. There is now a fourth dimension: vibes. This is coming from someone who has been to almost every West Coast festival on multiple occasions for the past half decade; Lightning In A Bottle is of another realm. Check after the jump for pictures and more!

It was all about family at Lightning In A Bottle. From the moment we found a camping spot people were coming out of their sites to guide our car in safely. It wasn’t only everyone around us that became family, but everyone that was at the festival exuded a sense of positivity and community that you could feel. It sounds weird. I know. But it was a kind of togetherness I don’t feel at events often enough.

The stages were at most a fifteen minute walk from wherever you were. Though it took few trips to get comfortable guiding yourself around the grounds, it was very doable. Not to mention all the art installations and activities you pass by and around on the way! Once on the grounds and past the main entrance, there were no security check points or anything. Sure, you could sneak stuff in or whatever, but it was a nice feeling that the obstacles of getting to the music was simply walking there. No lines. Just a short walk and you’re in the action. Water spraying. Everyone dancing or hanging out in the shade, which was aplenty.

The stages themselves were works of art. I, myself, am a man of options, and the different stages were full of them! The Woogie (pictures 2 & 3) was very colorful and housed most of the disco, deep, and dance music. Lots of bouncy, bass music coming out of the twiggy Bamboo stage (pictures 4-6). And all the more established acts on the main stage as you’d expect. All the stages were less than a few minutes apart which made moving around a nonissue. It’s like the whole festival catered to the complete convenience of their attendees! Weird, right?

But seriously, events need to look towards the Do Lab team when it comes to generating a proper experience for their paying customers. Too much focus goes to booking acts that will guarantee pulling a crowd. Lucky for us with Lightning In A Bottle, we get both.