[Concert Recall] Pacific Festival 2012

Pacific Festival

Labor Day Weekend was an unforgettable experience. Pacific Festival (co-founded by Steve Aoki) came to Newport Beach last Sunday for their 3rd annual extravaganza. The bayside party featured three stages and an all-star lineup that ranged from funky lounge, space-jazz to disco and everything in-between. I got to experience Bag Raiders, Goldroom, Moon Boots, Perseus and Cosmic Kids, each bringing own flavor of deep house. On the main stage, Poolside rocked a full 4-piece band and Mayer Hawthorne kept the vibes smooth. The sun was shining, the girls were smokin’ hot and the shock tops were flowin’. On top of that, the exclusive feel combined with the unique venue puts Pacific Festival on another level.

Goldroom – Morgan’s Bay
Moon Boots – Off My Mind
Poolside – Do You Believe
Mayer Hawthorne – The Walk