[Concert Recall] RUNX Tour: Boys Noize & Baauer @ Club Nokia LA 10|3

Boys Noize | Baauer

A week prior to this event, our hearts were in somber spirits when it was announced that RunX had been cancelled. We had high hopes for the trap and hip-hop heavy sounds of Nadus, Lido, Spank Rock, Baauer, and, of course, Boys Noize. While his festival presence consists mostly of electro, Boys Noize’s intimate sets are a whole different animal that we haven’t experienced since NYE2014.

Boys Noize – 60 Min Triple J DJ Set

Baauer – Soulja

Much to our delight, the LA show at Club Nokia was preserved [sans Lido]. We stepped into the spacious theatre as Baauer was taking over the decks; and boy did he start his set off right. There was a minute of cinematic and triumphant sounds as he appeared on stage underneath a yellow spotlight. And then a heavy dosing of trap and hip-hop took over just as we expected [check the vid we got below!]. The lighting was provided via a pillar of spotlights: reds, yellows, whites, greens, and blues were the night’s colors. It wasn’t on the level of the Tower of Baauer, but much of the show was focused on the music anyway. As it should be.

The transition to Boys Noize was seamless. And the vibes just kept rolling. More rap, trap, hip-hop to sate our ‘all-black-everything’ souls. The occasional dark electro found its way into the set, which garnered audible appreciation from the crowd. The energy from the DJ’s was contagious and the excitement was definitely noticed in the audience. It’s unfortunate that only LA got to experience this coming together. But the tour was cancelled for the purposes of new music. So, we can only hope RunX 2.0 comes around sooner rather than later. And with some new fire to boot.