[Concert Recall] The Do Lab Presents: Gramatik @ The Wiltern 11/8

Gramatik | Our Interview | Soundcloud

Last year I had the fortunate opportunity to venture off on my own to central and South America. I took any chance I had to talk to someone and direct the conversation to what makes them happy or what their passions entailed. Those conversations really put the human spirit and the world into perspective to me in a whole new way. With my answer to both of those questions being music, I was under serious pressure to show them something worthwhile and fresh. It didn’t take long for me to get set on sharing Gramatik and his universal bread of hip hop and electronic. The album I showed everyone is below, and you can download it free here.

The response was consistently and overwhelmingly in his favor. This mutual love across the board doesn’t happen for no reason. He has a special way with his songs that hit you in an extremely unique way. Maybe it’s the vintage samples. Maybe the way his kick hits. Maybe it’s how versatile his songs are, allowing you to listen in virtually any situation. Whatever it is, I love it and hope he sticks with his signature style.

I got to see Gramatik for my second time personally and third time as a C+A+D collective. This set quenched my year long thirst to finally see him live again. Not only am I obsessed with his crafted beats, but he performs with a live guitarist that brings his songs to life in a way only real instruments can do. Some artists are just a privilege to see as they are on their humbling rise to more widespread recognition. I’ll have to admit straightaway, the Wiltern was way too big a venue for this show. I don’t want to have that come off as a complaint, because the extra elbow room was fully utilized. Everyone was grooving through the entire set. With special appearance from his homies/sideproject in EXMAG and a guest vocalist, he brought the crowd and tour team together like family. I can’t emphasize enough how imperative it is for you to make an effort to see Gramatik live. Hopefully next time the Wiltern will be sold out like it should! We know he deserves it.