Concert Recall: Wolfgang Gartner and Felix Cartal @ HOB San Diego

It’s a different feeling when you go to a show that you know is going to be worth every penny of the ticket. I’ve seen Wolfgang Gartner at Coachella, EDC, and TAO, so I knew he could rock the hell out of a festival. I was just curious to see how he’d bring it at a smaller, more intimate venue. Plus, I’ve heard only good things about Felix Cartal, and I was just as amped for his set.

We got there relatively early, but for a sold out show, I was surprised to be able to just walk right into the venue. Small place with a balcony added for multiple options, but we went straight to the pit. All the opening DJs pulled out their best tricks, but I was ready to see what the deal was with Felix. I had no idea what to expect, but he delivered some of the grimiest and twisted, electro house that had me going hard for his whole set. Saving energy wasn’t an option through the constant ravey synths and bass that I just love to hear live.

Wolfgang’s set was scheduled for 12-145, and he peaked out with his gear around 11:59. He was greeted with the third “WOLFGANG” chant of the night, this one being the loudest by far. As soon as he took on the tables he slammed us with heavy bass and blasted the lights of his crazy ass live setup. He played everything we wanted to hear: Illmerica, Space Junk, Mornin After Dark Remix, and ended with Fire Power. There’s something about the way that Space Junk drops that sends a tingle down your spine when the synths hit. I was happy to hear a LOT of songs I’ve never heard that clearly had his sound, and I can say with confidence that his album is going to be monumental when it comes out.

1:45 rolled around and Wolfgang had to close shop among a house full of fans that were turned down of their encore requests and hungered for more. I gotta give the MVDJ award to Wolfgang, but he was followed closely by Felix. Wolfgang’s geometric set up with the lights and everything really changed it all, but Felix didn’t fuck around. I’m starting my search of his stuff now so help me if you know of good stuff! If you haven’t seen Wolfgang make more of an effort to do so. You’ll see a DJ set done right.

-Skinny Genes

Delightful Treats

Wolfgang Gartner – Space Junk (OVERWERK Remix) C+A+D Favorite
Wolfgang Gartner – Montezuma
Wolfgang Gartner Live at Gansevoort Beach Party During WMC (One of my FAVORITE livesets ever)
Timbaland – Mornin After Dark (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)
Felix Cartal – The Joker (Original Mix)