Concert Recall/Album Blurb: “Be the Void” by Dr. Dog

I’ve only ever heard good things about Dr. Dog’s live performances, and two weeks ago I finally had the privilege of seeing for myself in Santa Ana, just a day after the release of their seventh studio album “Be the Void.” A completely physical concert, they are some of the best performers I’ve ever seen. The sextet has amazing synergy on stage, releasing nothing but raw, unadulterated energy. They somehow manage to be all over the place while still remaining right on par with their music, which is only attributable to their immense musical talent. Their new material blended in perfectly with their older stuff. And the crowd was really into it. It was over all a damn good time.

That being said, “Be the Void” is just what I’d expected from Dr. Dog. It’s quintessential Dr. Dog–ambling rock and roll with punching baselines and beautiful harmonies. The kind of stuff that makes you want to get up and dance and sing a long. They’ve been criticized for their obvious 1960’s influence and idiosyncratic lyrics but that’s beside the point. They’ve got a firm grip on what they do and it’s thoroughly enjoyable. If you were a fan of their old stuff, you’ll like their new stuff and it’s really never too late to be a fan.

1. Lonesome
2. That Old Black Hole
3. These Days
4. How Long Must I Wait
5. Get Away
6. Do the Trick
7. Vampire
8. Heavy Light
9. Big Girl
10. Over Here, Over There
11. Warrior Man
12. Turning the Century