[DOWNTEMPO] Slow Magic – ‘Hold Still’ & Upcoming Album ‘How To Run Away’

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The fusing of genres becoming even more common place in electronic music nowadays brings many new sounds to the game. That’s not to say this is easy to do. Some more electronic; more indie. Others a little too experimental; or the sounds just don’t mesh. Slow Magic has found a happy medium between catchy beats, creative sampling, soulful pianos, and uplifting synths, all wrapped into a glorious package of new music.

With his debut album How To Run Away (set to release on September 9th via Downtown Records), comes two singles that show a lot of promise. His range of dreamy vibes to groovy, powerful rhythms can’t go unmentioned. The dude has got some serious remix value as well. Check the tunes below and his tour dates after the jump.