Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf (Rip from Annie Mac BBC Radio1)

So while I was gone over the weekend, BBC’s Annie Mac had the honor of the first radio play of another anticipated Duck Sauce track. For most, the first time it was talked about was after both A-Trak and Duck Sauce played it at Coachella. Although it’s a stand out track, I’m still pretty confused as to why people are getting so hyped on it. This is seems more like an album filler of a track to me. Annie Mac talks about the nonsensical humor of it, and I get it, but it’s not enough to match up to any of their other tracks. Duck Sauce played another track during Coachella that no one is talking about. I’m pretty sure it’s called “Radio.” That song was stuck in my head forever. It’s so much more fun and dancy and it seems like much more of the kind of Duck Sauce I want. Anyhow, here’s the preview for “Big Bad Wolf,” and also a video of the “Radio” song. I’m sure if you heard it you’ll remember.