[ELECTRONIC] Artist Spotlight – REZZ


If Gesaffelstein is Dracula then REZZ is Wednesday Adams. From the depths of Niagara Falls, Canada comes this 20 year old producer/DJ with an affinity for the darker side of electronica. Packing morbid synths and punchy kick drums, REZZ has burst onto the dark techno scene with the technical melodic prowess of a seasoned veteran. So far she’s remixed Marilyn Manson and the aforementioned Mike Levy to great effect.


Her original tracks have heavy 303 and garage influences with a more modern tempo and flow. The mixture of booming synths and sweeps add just the right amount of texture and layering to each record. This is especially evident in new EP Insurrection where wobbly fat synth loops and natural snares combine to put you in a head banging daze. Get lost in her rhythms.


Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit (REZZ Remix)

Gesaffelstein X Jean – Michel Jarre – Conquistador (REZZ Revision)

REZZ – Insurrection EP