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Finally got to meet the kids behind the bar after all these years, and these guys did work! Rocked Control Avalon like they were the headlining act. Didn’t hold back and threw down a hard electro set for a venue packed with disco house loving Treasure Fingers fans. They didn’t miss a beat and had the personalities to match. Here’s how it went:

First off…get at this video I got to get a taste of what their set was.

C+A+D: So first off, standard: a little bit about yourselves, where you guys are from?
Kids at the Bar (Matt): A lot of people are surprised by this, but we live in Oklahoma City. Definitely a nice place to go to after all the touring. Especially after the big one with the Sounds.

C+A+D: How’s the scene shaping up over there?
KATB (Rad): It’s good! We do a party every Wednesday night for 4-600 kids called Robotic Wednesdays. It’s all come such a long way in OKC. (Matt) It’s funny pretty much everyone producing in the scene lives really close together. It’s all become like a tight knit community trying to make it happen.

C+A+D: Ok so I know your name is poking fun at people acting childish when they’re drunk, but….why??
KATB (Matt): We wouldn’t say poking fun! It’s a sort of bringing light to the fact of the matter. Not trying to judge people having fun…(Rad) We’re definitely with those people too haha

C+A+D: Did either of you having a fake ID growing up?
KATB (Matt): Nah I never did. (Rad) I had a fake ID from Los Lomos? Is that a town in California?

C+A+D: Uh..I really don’t think so but all of California has the same ID.
KATB (Rad): Oh haha that definitely adds to it being the worst fake ID ever…I literally had to laminate it 6 times myself. Never got busted at the clubs though! Got busted skinny dipping in a pool. The cop wasn’t having it…

C+A+D: Alright between you two guys, who does what? Is one of you more focused on remixing? Producing? DJing? Closing with chicks? Your specialties..
KATB (Rad): Yeah well Matt’s more of the production guy. We both were producing with Ableton when we first met, and Matt had been studying it for several years after working with bands. I had been DJing for awhile too, so it worked out well for both of us. (Matt) We never really assigned rules, we just kinda fell into a place after awhile of where we felt more comfortable. And for production there are really no boundaries. If I send him over a track he doesn’t go “oh man I really don’t wanna hurt Matt’s feelings,” no no. He’ll just be like “dude that sucks” haha “start over..”

C+A+D: I remember awhile ago Pretty Much Amazing made a Daft Punk remix compilation called Remix After All, and normally I’d say remixing them is one of the seven deadly since. But you guys pulled it off! How did that all go down?
KATB: We didn’t know how we would do any of the other remixes so we were pretty nervous about it. Luckily that was the only one that had the vocal stems that we could find really easily. But we got a lot of support from it! That’s how we met Sonny [Skrillex], and that was our key to that relationship. (Matt) I’m glad we didn’t do “Around the World” or “Robot Rock” because those are impossible to improve on.
Daft Punk – Technologic (Kids At the Bar Remix)

C+A+D: I feel like when we talk to artists for the most part there’s a track that’s, not necessarily their favorite, but one they’re most proud of. Is there one that stands out to either of you?
KATB (Matt): It’s pretty much the ones that have stood the test of time. Like the “Walking On A Dream” one we did, people still tell us they like. (Rad) For me, it’s moreso the Bingo Players bootleg. We like the ones that people want to dance to. It makes it the most enjoyable for you to play when you see everyone going crazy to that track.
Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream (Kids At the Bar)

C+A+D: What was it like touring with The Sounds, being a rock band and all?
KATB (Rad): It was definitely way different than club nights, which is what we’re used to doing. Touring with a rock band is definitely more challenging in that you have to win over the crowd. A majority of the audience isn’t used to seeing a DJ play or what to expect. Usually at clubs people are intoxicated on either alcohol or drugs, so you know, they’re feelin good and for rock shows they’re all sober. You gotta get the energy going. Once we figured out what worked, we went with it.

C+A+D: Alright last question! Mandatory…you’re stranded on a desert island: one album, one bottle of alcohol…GO!
KATB: [pause]

C+A+D: It’s tough…I know it’s tough! But something came to your head when I said that. What was it?
KATB (Rad): Hahah Album: The Police – Greatest Hits. And then uh…Jameson! (Matt) For me, album: Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. With a bottle of Patron Anejo.

C+A+D: And that’s a wrap then. Thanks dudes.
KATB: No problem! We gotcha.

Delight At the Bar
Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Animal Rights (Kids At the Bar Edit)
Kids at the Bar ft. Crizzly – Like Dat