HARD LA: Jack Beats [New Liveset + Ticket/T-Shirt Giveaway]


Jack Beats are in the midst of their latest tour dubbed The Revolution, and with it they plan to provide a more interactive experience for the fans at their shows. First off, incase you didn’t know about the people behind the actual production of it all, they call themsevles the Bionic League. Same people who created Daft Punk and Deadmau5’s livesets and essentially changed the creative mindset behind live production for music forever. I’ll let them explain it:

Jack Beats love you. To show you how much they’re inviting you to be part of their new shows. All you need to do is to submit a photo of yourself on their Facebook page then let the technologic magic happen.

Click here to make a poster using the special Facebook app. Upload a picture from your Facebook, webcam or computer, crop it to size, hit save and then wait until the show…Your image will appear during a special section of the set dedicated to Jack Beats fans. You’ll also get an electronic poster to share on your Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know to look out for you too.


A guest list spot for the show and one of Jack Beats new tour shirts.


RIGHT NOW! Until 12 PM PST on Wednesday.


1) Go and “Like” our facebook and Jack Beats (here).
2) “Like” this post at the bottom left to spread the word.
3) Copy/Paste this to your status and tag us and Jack Beats:

I want to be a part of @Jack Beats new LiveSet for FREE! @Control+Alt+Delight make it happen, yo.

Don’t forget the “yo” at the end ;) Pretty simple, no? Winner will be announced at 12 PM PST on Thursday May 28. We got a huge crew of our friends going, and there is room on our bus! If you want to come, f*ck it you’re more than welcome. And as part of the contest, if you win that will be free also. Good luck!