HARD Summer 2010

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It’s hard for me to look at that lineup and not simultaneously climax all over my computer. I’m only saying this because it pretty much screams “YOU’RE GONNA HAVE ONE OF THE BEST NIGHTS OF YOUR LIFE ON AUGUST 7TH!” The featured artist for this event would have to be Soulwax, hands down. You’ll all see, as this blog goes on, that I have a massive amount of love and respect for Soulwax as DJs and producers. They were there at the beginning of my electronic music endeavors and have remained at the top of my list ever since. The last time they were in the US was at HARD Haunted Mansion 2008, which could quite possibly have been one of the best electronic lineups of all time and ended up putting HARD on the map. (sebastiAn was a special guest, mind you). Anyway, they put on the best performance I’ve ever seen, and if you know me, that’s saying a lot.

I bet you’re asking yourself, “Why should I go to this? I barely know these DJ’s!” Alas..I’ve made a playlist of songs I like from the DJs I’ll be seeing that night for your listening pleasure. You can get the songs here. The plan is, I’m going to get a party bus to get y’all there and back safely. This isn’t the first time I’ve done it, and I promise you’ll be in good hands. I’m in high hopes that all this will push you over the edge to buy your ticket.

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Tickets are around $68 on fla.vor.us but if you go to One World on Newport Blvd on Costa Mesa, you can get the hard copy ticket for a few bucks cheaper and dodge the will call line. Let’s party on august 7th.

all these tracks are for promotional purposes only and if you want them removed email contactalijafari@gmail.com