[INDIE] Album Review: Crystal Fighters – Cave Rave

Crystal Fighters | Cave Rave | Tickets for LA 6/4

Folktronica phenoms Crystal Fighters’ follow up to Star of Love made its way to the masses last week. Since their first album came out in 2010, there had been little word of new material until the latter end of 2012, when they released their collaboration with Feed Me titled ‘Love is All I Got’. The sextet addressed their recess as a means of finding the roots of their sound amidst the drudgery of popular music. We’ll give that to them.

Cave Rave comes to us as a call to ‘the freedom of utopic spaces’. Thematically, the album progresses like an exotic fete filled with love, laughter, and smiles – the best of life, music, and people. Lively beats mixed in with catchy guitar riffs make for perfect celebration music no matter your aural preferences. Album opener ‘Wave’ is a triumphant cry to the universe and togetherness; it brings to mind Arcade Fire. The rising cheer continues until ‘Bridge of Bones’ where the tempo calms for a state of reflection – call this the sunset. ‘Are We One’ culminates as the most electro infused track, which fits perfectly with the sentiments that we are all one energy. It is nigh upon bizarre to consider frowning or resisting movement while listening to Cave Rave.

LA Residents, don’t miss their June 4th show at the El Rey Theatre. They play with CAD approved Australians: ALPINE. Buy your tickets here and enjoy a slice of utopia with us!


1. Wave
2. LA Calling
3. You & I
4. Separator
5. No Man
6. Bridge of Bones
7. Love Nature
8. Are We One
9. These Nights
10. Everywhere


One of the coolest music videos ever.