[INDIE] New Music From Arcade Fire – Reflektor

Arcade Fire

Canadian indie wonders Arcade Fire released their much anticipated single, Reflektor, recently along with two videos. One video was a more typical, YouTube type featuring band members in black and white, rocking massive paper mache masks. The second, more attention-grabbing video is internet based, using webcam technology to produce an interactive experience in which the viewer becomes the “reflektor.” The song itself is irresistible in a quintessentially Arcade Fire sort of way; they really don’t care what you think about them and that’s what has made them so popular. It’s danceable in the same way that “Sprawl ii” (my personal favorite from The Suburbs) is and integrates all of their best qualities. Check it out after the jump. I’ll have this one on repeat for a while.

Check out the interactive video here.